Toraiz as-1


This AS-1 keeps popping up with people vouching for it positively. I suppose I’ll keep it on the radar for when a great deal surfaces.


Great, which m4l device?


Just picked up another AS-1 for $300! Deals are out there if you’re patient.

Based on the Bi-directional NRPN-controller for DSI “OB-6”. Copyright 2016 by

Enjoy! And let me know your comments/feedback…


you rock! Thanks so much for sharing this!


Nice one! Thank you!


I’m also using this setup (OctaMk2, RytmMk2, As1) having some trouble getting the midi config set the way I want it. Would you know the trick to allowing the following setup?

OT as master
AR receive clock a transport
As1 receive clock and MIDI patterns from OT
As1 send MIDI CC back to OT to rec in MIDI seq
Current problem is that the As1 plays each time I try to control it wit the OT

As I type this I’m thinking maybe the AR should be the master. Any insight appreciated :thinking:


Do you mean plays the internal sequence that’s saved with the sound? You can disable that.


Can t you deactivate transport in the AS1 Settings? My stuff is in shipping but I remember the as1 being a bit of a pain starting the sequencer when I didn’t want it. It really needs an update.


there is the midi clock settings in the AS1, you can set it to slave no s/s which is slaved to the OT clock without reacting to start stop messages.


Yes exactly, I must have overlooked that setting, great to hear! I’ll dive into the As1 menus when I get home. Thanks allot :smile:


Sweet! Thanks for the specific location.


Definitely best to use it this way, you’ll get all the benefits of the OT sequencer and ARP. I use it this way and It’s great as a compact sound module. You can also send program change messages. Never use the sequencer for anything other than auditioning patches.


Was just about to purchase one but heard it loses sync (step sequencer) rite away.

This was back in 2017 but couldn’t find any info on updates fixing this issue.
Then I found a post asking someone to ask them directly about firmware updates for the AS-1 at NAMM 2019 because they’ve been M.I.A. with them so I don’t know.
These were all posted at Pioneers official forum but seems like a ghost town now.
Here’s where I found out about the sync issue below.

So is it safe to buy one with this sync issue if I’m going to only use the Toraiz AS-1 sequencer and not have it synced from other gear?
Is the de-syncing even that consistent where it’s unusable?
Has this been addressed in firmware updates?

Anyone know?
does anyone else find it to be an issue.


It loses sync if you switch presets. I don’t use its own sequencer anyway so it’s not an issue for me, but it is a bit annoying it hasn’t been fixed. And if you’re planning on using its sequencer and especially if you are planning on using it live, it’s definitely something to be aware of. It is a great sounding little synth though and it is built like a tank.


The fact that the sequencer starts when you have it synced to external is a constant pain for an otherwise good synth.


You can change that by disabling transport in the MIDI config — if I recall, one of the options is “slaved no s/s” (or something like that - not at home right now)

Edited to add: just as @mkdsl said upthread :confused:


Thanks for that, will apply. What bugs me most is I hear something quite good when I press play on master then realise it’s someone else’s sequence!


The fact that the sequencer starts when you have it synced to external is a constant pain for an otherwise good synth.

Don’t understand your comment since you have the option of turning said behavior on or off…

oh read your comment about liking other people’s sequences… they’re now your sequences! :wink:


Why not just delete them all?