Thom Yorke


that interview read as tho the interviewer was prompting the interviewee for answers they wanted to hear :frowning:


Yeah, nothing perfect… but I still enjoyed this interview. At Pitchfork festival on Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes tour, he was playing on AR and AK and his guitar, period. I wonder if the album was named after these machines, or at least inspired by them. That could have been a question btw.


That part where they say that Radiohead was one of the first bands to use guitars and synths in a band. Uh… ok…

I love Raidohead, but C’mon. Seriously?


For a certain generation of bands that is probably true. But yeah, def not the first in history


We already talked about this above


I think it more a case that the guitar based bands of the time didn’t have synths so prominently featured in their sound in the way that Kid A did. I remember the fuss around Kid A when it was released, in terms of the shift in direction that Radiohead had made from OK Computer.

But yeah, synths have been incorporated by bands for decades.


Yeah, they became huge as a ‘rock’ band - even OKC has pretty standard song structures and instrumentation. The comparatively radical sound of Kid A came as a huge shock to everyone expecting more of the same, so I guess that’s why they get the ‘pioneering’ label sometimes.


Kid A, the first entire album that really resonated with me. Some of OK Computer sat right with me.


I must say that Amnesiac has even more an experimental vibe, to me.
I remember the first listen of Kid A like “well, when does it explode?” while for Amnesiac my Radiohead heavily trained ear was totally taken by surprise.
I love OK Computer till In Rainbows to death, 97-07 was definitely my decade for music, and Radiohead the spine of it.


Kid A has always been my favorite album. In Rainbows and A moon shaped pool come very close now :slight_smile:
I agree that Amnesiac sounds more experimental.
I discovered electronic music, especially experimental music much later, so my ears were mainly used to “normal” rock and hip hop. Kid A/ Amnesiac certainly felt very different, even though synth were used in rock much earlier of course. But these IDM vibes were new for a “Rockband”.

In hindsight, considering that druqks and Confield were released around that time, Radiohead don’t feel too experimental. Still gorgeous songs :slight_smile:


Absolutely same. <3


Kid A was the better “album” but it’s sister, Amnesiac, had the better “songs” in my opinion. Kid A flows while Amnesiac is like a collection. Might be stating some known fact I’m unaware of but I always presumed that was the inspiration behind Amnesiacs title. I remember it being quite misunderstood in release wth multiple average reviews but it’s one that has grown in stature over time.

In Rainbows is a stunning album but OKC trump’s it for me. Even if just for the guitar and vocal layering on Let Down which still feels out of this world!


one of their most beautiful songs. Out of this world indeed


Moon-shaped pool is the one I’m going back to most. Just… lush.


I went an event at a civic hall for small bands a few years back. And prior to the event they just happened to have OKC playing on the speakers of the concert hall.

Now, I always liked OKC, but hearing it played loud in the atmospheric hall on some good speakers was something else! It was awesome, other worldly, almost like a spiritual experience. One of my best moments listening to music.


That sounds like it would’ve been awesome!

I’ve been lucky enough to see Radiohead 3 times now.

1st was their “Big Tent Tour” for Kid A. I think Clinic supported them that day. Really cool seeing them in a big Circus tent.

2nd was at Meadowbank in Edinburgh which must’ve been 12/13 years ago now. Beck supported. Both were sublime that evening - what a combination to see live. Easily one of the best gigs/performances I’ve seen. It’s really something else when you catch a band who have truly mastered their live set/performance. Looking at the set list from that evening and wow! (

3rd was about 10 years ago at Glasgow Green. Didn’t think much of Bat for Lashes who supported by Radiohead knocked it out of the park again.

Realising it’s been 10 years or so since I last saw them is making me think I really should catch them again!


I saw the 3 times in ancient Roman arenas, twice in Nîmes and once in Switzerland…
Oh, and another time in Lyon’s amphitheater !

Stunning live shows in mythical places !


I was away for the recent Glasgow green one sadly. A few friends were there on acid and said it was incredible. Apparently belle and Sebastian were crap though hah


Not usually one to be blown away by choreographed dance pieces but anima is an amazing watch!


No it doesn’t