Thom Yorke


The brilliant Thom Yorke has had a busy 18 months. But when is he not busy?

Fresh from composing the soundtrack for Luca Guadagnino’s excellent reimagining of Suspiria last year, he flew into 2019, finishing off and releasing his third stunning solo album away from Radiohead and Atoms for Peace’s own stellar catalog. Anima was released digitally at the end of June alongside a superb Netflix film by Paul Thomas Anderson, with a physical release coming July 19.

We caught up as he was putting the finishing touches to it earlier this year, and talked Elektron inspiration, new Radiohead albums, nuclear energy, and breaking Tomb Raider.

There was also a request for Elektronauts users…

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Anima is really cool, definitely worth a watch


Great interview. Probably the first interview by Elektron from an artist I genuinely love to listen to (rather than just admire for technical ability or the likes).

Radiohead, along with Pulp and Super Furry Animals, were my gateway into music in the late 90s as I was in my mid teens and winding up for uni years. Kid A genuinely blew my mind. It still does!


Great interview! Good job Elektron


Didn’t get the request for elektronauts users…
that bit definitely got me to read the article tho. Fascinating part about the dance scene in suspira


Thanks for the interview! Absolute hero. He wrote about two-thirds of the most important songs in my life


to figure out the vocoder thing on max

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I was not expecting to learn about his stance on nuclear power, but I am glad I did.

“They can’t get rid of waste safely, they can’t make it work financially, they can’t secure it properly,”
“There are all these solutions about localized power usage, which the government completely refuse to explore, because we have this grid system. When you make the decision to use nuclear power in the mix, you dictate this structure in a way that will work from then on, and you restrict the potential for renewables. That’s essentially my problem with it.”

I used to work for a utility watchdog group and these were the same arguments we made, on behalf of rate payers.


Good talk. I didn’t know he used Elektron at all, let alone had such a soft spot for the monomachine. He also said he’s been using the Octatrack and never touches a manual… Dear God.

I do take umbrage with the statement that Radiohead is one of the first rock bands to incorporate synths…The way they’ve done it is certainly unique to them, and they’re probably more in that world than most “rock groups”, but still


Beach Boys’ "I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times"Pet Sounds (1966) was the first recorded use of a ‘synth’ on a rock album, Moog came a long a bit later. Apparently! My expert friend Wik O’Pedia tells me.

It is hard to nail down what band really integrated synths prominently to their music whilst retaining ROCK as their genre; if that is the nuance to the question.
I think there was a lot in the 70s who could claim that. CAN, Floyd, Zeppelin etc


My gut reaction is Floyd. The synth work on wish you were here and animals is out of this world. Zeppelin played with synths a bit, but Floyd incorporated them to crazy extremes (for the time).

And of course On the Run…


I’d go with Floyd too.

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Silver apples (1968) did a good job too


Kid A, Amnesiac, Hail to The Thief, and the Eraser, albums i really enjoyed listening to! (and still every now and then) Nice interview, unfortunately no new (solo) albums in the works, though the soundtrack to Anima is a treat ofcourse. (correction: silly me, just found out Anima is actually Thoms latest solo Album !!! Confused by the Netflix Short)

I also was very curious about the Elektronauts Request, kinda hoped it would be some of Thom’s Multis and an Elektronaut remix compo of sorts??? So i read it a couple times over, aw shucks, no luck there…

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Funny, the whole time I was listening to Anima, I was getting an Elektron vibe and wondering if he used Elektron gear. Well, there’s my answer.

Oddly enough, I thought I was hearing Digitone FM sounds, and that’s the one piece of gear that wasn’t mentioned.


Same. I swear I can hear the DN all over that record. :thinking:


Anyone know if there’s any Machinedrum on The Eraser? Always got that vibe from it

maybe thats MNM?


Yes, and not only, he has been playing the machinedrum for a while, also w/radiohead, and live with his piano or other electronic devices

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