Thom Yorke


Anima and Amok are my go to albums for mountain biking! Thom Yorke is the man!


I think the reader request was about trying to replicate the bell labs vocoder.

I do love Thom. Brilliantly cranky, excellent taste in basically everything, and makes amazing music. And he gets the elektron thing! Top interview.




King Crimson/Radiohead. Lest we forget.


Love the new LP, can hear the MnM all over it


I liked him better in the 80’s;


Pet sounds had a synth? Does that mean theremin because there’s Ann electro-thermomin on the song.

What about Whose next by The Who that came out a few years before dark side and has that whole Baba O Reilly and won’t get fooled again synth action going on.


Well shit, Monomachine prices just went up a bit more…


Maybe he has some random username and posts on the forum! Would be pretty hilarious if he created some annoying threads “wtf elektron, Y No songmode on DT?? #forcemetobuyOTconspiracy


I predict a Thom Yorke pseudo-Reddit AMA thread on Elektronauts where it won’t actually be Thom Yorke but some random person down for a laugh.

After every question, his answer will be “Yes”

Furthermore, I predict that that user will be me


He’s probably been told to RTFM a few times then :smirk:

Good interview!


Didn‘t he say once, that the eraser was entirely made in the box?



So awesome to read an interview from my favourite artist. Radiohead are the best band in the world and Thom Yorke’s new record is ace, so it’s really lovely to know that he also loves Elektron gear. Makes me want to use it more in my own live setup!


makes me want to buy a MnM once again :see_no_evil:


I always loved this liveset with Nigel, where he used the MD…
I‘m pretty sure there was a full version of the set, but I can’t find it anymore


Saw the Anima film via Netflix last night, real good!! Beautiful dancers!!


I hate to sound the pedant, but it’s actually the Bell Labs VODER which is a distinctly different technology from a vocoder. A vocoder produces sound with a modulator and a carrier signal, whereas a voder produces sound through a keyed mechanism with no microphone involved. The voder uses keys for pitch modulation, fricatives, plosives and sibilants, etc.


i’m a sort of middling fan of Radiohead but this was a fantastic interview - great vibes and he clearly respects the interviewer which is why it was not as unbearable and awkward as most of his interviews are…

Or maybe he’s just changed over the years… he used to be a man of few words in the press…


Ah interesting! I’ll have to read up on this, sounds interesting