Third party add-ons, sources and knowledge

I wonder that there is not one place where necessary (?) third party add-ons, sources and knowledge is put into one place. I’m a newbie and my OT will arrive soon so I think it is for other beginners a good source as well. I make a start :smiley: :smiley:

If something missing here… share your knowledge please

A paid cross-platform OSX/Windows software editor and librarian for the Elektron Octatrack DPS-1
Unfortunately not compatible with the latest update as far as I understand.

A single cycle waveform tool

Turns your Elektron Octatrack into a multi-oscillator modular monophonic synthesizer based on wavetable synthesis

Merlin’s OT Guide
An add-on “manual” for the OT



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Just to clarify as at time of writing:

OctaEdit v2 will only support OSv1.40 and above; on both MkI and MkII models.

OctaEdit v2 is currently in Beta testing. No fixed date for release at present.

For updates etc, best to follow the OctaEdit thread here, or the OctaEdit Facebook page.

OctaEdit Compatibility:

OctaEdit Compatibility