The Octatrack is amazing

It’s the sampler i wished always existed. It’s sooo good.


It existed already quite some years :wink:


I’ve been away for awhile


Lol :joy: Hope you had coconuts on the island


Right ?

He had this on the Island.



Have fun :smiley:


The mystical Octopus gains another devotee…



@Open_Mike where’d you get the image? I love it!

The only other electronic instrument I’ve had this much fun with is the OP-1. I am so glad I have one.


I broke into the archeology department of UC Berkely and obtained it from within an artifact excavated from underneath the Sphynx…

You can find digital copies by googling “mystical octopus”, clicking images, and scrolling down…


Awesome. I see Googling followed by possible surfing to stickermule in my future. :slight_smile:

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Funk upon a time, in the days of the Funkapus… The concept of specially designed Afronauts capable of funkatizing galaxies was first laid on man-child but was later repossessed and placed among the secrets of the pyramids until a more positive attitude towards this most sacred phenomenon, Clone tha Funk, could be acquired. There in these terrestrial projects It would wait, along with its co-inhabitants of kings and pharaohs, like sleeping beauties with a kiss that would release them to multiply In the image of the chosen one… Octatrack DPS-1
And funk is its own reward…


It’s still takes the cake for me after all these years they really fkn nailed it crazy to think about that so ahead of its time


Best device in more than one category. :heart: :elot:


never forget telling my friend I don’t like DJing I just want to jam had some old tubed Electribes back then I loved them dearly but i didn’t feel like the sound was professional enough he told me “you have to get a octatrack” asked him what’s that? “No idea don’t play live but that’s what you need to level up I know that much” so I sold my Electribes & never looked back a dream come true now I own all of them lol


At one point I had money because it was growing on trees. I researched a lot for months as I usually recommend about a drum machine as I wanted hands on control and features to not seem so repetitive and boxy as my software rig I had goin at the time. I decided on AR over Tempest. I called a place in San Fran and they had a few coming in, it was rather new. The owner told me there was also an Octatrack coming that someone ordered and cancelled, and that they were hard to get at the time (OT drought of '14). I was like nah…, I’m already blowing a fortune on a drum machine, I had no idea what an Octatrack was although I had read a little blurp about it in a catalog. Over the next few days I looked into it a bit and still really had no idea what it was, seemed like it was pretty much a looper to me, which is what I do. It crept into my brain over the next few days and for some reason I really wanted it still not knowing really WTF it does… At one point I started to even worry someone else might get it, I called and said I’d take it not even really kowing why or what or how and all that.

Little did I know I’d become an OT poster boy on the user forum… :grin: It called my name and took me on a journey, totally had a gut feeling about it. So glad as the thing has blown my mind over and over again, I had no idea it would be this flippin crazy sauce, and it’s perfect for my improv sonic exploratory looping project, destiny it was… :monkey::sparkles: :elot:


While preparing my next show yesterday I was reviewing my Eventide stompboxes’ presets (the Factor series) and came to the conclusion that with two tracks of a Octatrack I probably could reproduce 90% of them, and more. Work is involved, of course, the Eventide algo’s are brilliant, but it’s certainly feasable) Today I woke up and realized I’d probably would be better off selling my Eventides and get a second octatrack instead. Amazing box indeed!


So funny this thread came up - I was just recently thinking of starting an “octatrack - holy crap is this really happening?” topic. Love those moments of fully psychedelic space-time folding bliss where you are like “Man Alive That’s Crazy!!” It really is an amazing machine .:sunglasses:


I always smile at these threads.

I don’t have the time for music that I used to but yesterday I had a rare few hours to myself and thought I’d dig the OT out. Didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, just randomly sampled a few seconds off the radio (turned out to be this song: and 3 hours later I had sliced that sample up, created a few beats and built a tune.

Time hasn’t disappeared like that since I used to play Caeser III on PC 20 years ago :joy:

I used to occasionally pine after a Digitakt as I had more joy making bass/leads out of samples but I reckon with some practice and care the OT will do the job fine.

So, got a new set that I’m going to build exclusively using samples from the radio. Much fun to be had.


Octatrack is one of the best boxes elektron ever made. I sincerely hope we will still witness elektron pulling off something as cool going forward. Long live the OT :vulcan_salute: