Black Octatrack MKII now shipping

That’s just GAS. If you’ve never expressed interest in the OT before, there’s no need to get one just because a new shiny version has come out. Chill.


OT’s MIDI sequencer is a bit more full featured. With more than just note/velocity/probability.
OT can sequence CC#s, and send 24 MIDI LFOs. And the tracks are dedicated (you don’t have to repurpose them from the audio tracks, like the synth/cv/fx tracks on the A4) so you have 16 total tracks (8 audio + 8 MIDI)



Thanks guys, I have been contemplating on the OT before, so its not only the shiny colour haha.

that said; I fear the so told complexity of the OT. I can see how having 8 midi tracks and being able to send LFO’s can be of great benefit in more complex setups. However, since my dawless setup currently consists of only 2 external synths next to A4/Rytm (juno and dreadbox typhon) I think i’m probably good for the time being ;-)!


So I pre-ordered one of these when Elektron announced it with the Anniversary Edition, only to cancel it a few days back when someone in Toronto was willing to sell me an AE for $2,500 CAD.

Well, I think he must have done his research before I was set to pick it up because he ghosted me (probably took a look on Reverb and saw what they were going for).

So, all that to say I re-placed my pre-order this morning, and am excited to (finally!) set it up with my A4 and AR MKIIs.


Late Valentine’s Day gift? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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As tempting as it is, I’m sticking with my two OG MK1s with the textured finish.

But I am super happy to see so many people wanting to grab the Black MK2.
It is ultra slick, and who wouldn’t want one? The OT is still amazing.


It really is. And the longer I wait for the backordered MPC One to ship, the easier it is to convince myself to get a second OT. But I have OT OCD, so I’d have to get a grey one!

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Or, hear me out on this, you get the black, and I trade you my Grey.
“Wow, great idea!”
Well thank you.

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Got the AE but this one looks fantastic too !

Just here to say I got the AE too. :smiley:

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The Price of the grey one had dropped significantly now i feel. Well about £150.

I wonder if the black version has a different box or if it will just be white like with the grey one.

Not impressed by this nor the AE; i still prefer the grey version, 50 times more!

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Who’s going to be the first one to replace the screen with one from a Digi?


Looking forward to this!

I always wanted to jump into OT world since it was release, but I got the Digitakt to start my Elektron journey very lately. Now I’m super confident with Elektron workflow and the update 1.40 of the OT + this new black look made me order it to finally put my hand on this unique machine.
Visual is very important to make me want to use gear. I think theses black DT + OT together would make my desk appealing.


I can’t believe it’s OUT NOH!

If elektron are so eager to re-package and re-release existing products, why can’t we just have MnM and MD with some software borrowed from the new boxes? Or an expanded Digitakt with digital drum synthesis, and expanded digitone with more synthesis types? Help us help you help us Elektron. Youve got analog, fm, and sampling covered… but kitchen sink digital synthesis made the company and are the reason anyone cares


I was going to grab one, but went with the Poctatrack instead. Much more streamlined interface, and more my style.


I asked support and they said they didn’t have plans to do so, and replacement face plates would only be offered in the color of your originally purchased unit. So if you have a grey one, you can’t just order a black face plate, at least not right now.