The Octatrack is amazing

Mind blown by orders of magnitude!..I’m deep into this octa thing…sooooo good…printed out the manual…144 pages haha!!! just keeps giving, what a little box of witchcraft:))))


I just can’t understand how they did it? Was it an accident or really they thought of every possible use scenario?
More like some of elektron designers were mind controlled by aliens that were controlled by scene fader. Wait…

I mean I genuinely am in awe of how something like this - OT has actually manifested in reality. :heart_eyes:



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Quite the opposite. By not thinking of all possible usage scenarios they made it what it is.


Aliens forgot one.

OT is inspired from MD UW.
Realtime sampling / mangling with Control All.

OT manual

When we developed the Machinedrum UW, one of the goals was to allow for a creative use of samples. Once the machine was released it became apparent that especially the RAM machines, which made it possible to record sounds in real-time and instantly play them back, were utilized in ways we originally couldn’t even imagine. Users around the world used them to incorporate live sampled shortwave radio sounds in their compositions, make instant remixes of 12” records and to more or less conceive new genres of music. It was obvious that the RAM machine concept harbored a tremendous potential. This was the starting point of the Octatrack. We wanted to create a machine that would regard recorded material not as inflexible sounds, but rather as something highly malleable. This is one of the reasons why the Octatrack exists. The other one is because of the stage. The laptop computer has quickly established itself as a common instrument in live setups. It is a powerful and highly customizable tool, however, the multi functionality is at the same time a disadvantage. When it comes to audio related tasks a laptop is still a jack of all trades but master of none. The Octatrack on the other hand is designed to be a streamlined, reliable and straightforward machine allowing live performers to really add something extra to their sets. It can act as a backing track machine, a second turntable, a source of experimental soundscapes or simply as an instrument encouraging improvisation and fun. These two reasons converge and form the ultimate raison d’être of the Octatrack: its capability to re-establish sampling as an art form. We hope it will be a trusty companion during your musical endeavours.


The MachineDrum UW really is a tremendous device, you can do so much with 2.5Mb of sampling. I am getting strong itch to get an octatrack, it’s weird because the OT didn’t interest me at all when it came out, I thought the MDUW covered all my bases. Having looked into it more though, the OT just seems ridiculous, especially as I also own a Nord Modular, that pairing seems incredible really.


Just got my second octatrack after selling one about a year ago.

I sold my DT and some modular gear to fund the purchase and I’ve tried damn near every sampler out there and nothing compares. With project templates the workflow isn’t as complicated as people make it out to be.

It’s the only sampler I’ve used that truly feels limitless. And at many points it takes a life of its own.

I’ll never part ways with it again and I’m very much looking forward to putting together a live set with it.



Now if only I can find a UW machinedrum for under 1k :upside_down_face:

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That‘s actually easy if you do not need a +drive

They’re all a thousand plus on reverb rn :frowning:
I don’t think I need the drive I just want to be able to sample.

Sampling without a way to store the samples?

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My OT must have sampled a few hundred times just this morning, automated recorder trigs and warped playback of guitar and AR… They get refreshed every 2 pattern cycles at the moment, none of them get saved, it sounds amazing… :slight_smile:

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I forgot the (shutup @Open_Mike) tagging like you did recently with @sezare56:smile:


The Octatrack IS amazing yes! I did 8 months of overtime (OT hah) to fund my MK2. Those numbers and letters are synchronous and I am lucky to have one! Thank you Universe


BTW: Bobeats just released an interview with Cenk today. All in all it was quite some heavy praising of the OT (from both).


I guess you‘ll find some fair priced MDUW Mk1‘s, at least in EU, cannot say how the situation is in US though :confused:

The only way to liberate oneself from samsara (static backing tracks) is to follow the eight fold (Octa) path towards samadhi (flex/buffer live sampling tracks) and thus free oneself from the endless cycle of rebirth (projects that reload samples)… :monkey::sparkles:


“Sample - it is not a thing, it is not a non thing.” From “Way of the Octatrack”.


There is hope : I got my pristine UWMKII+DRIVE for 600€. :content: