The Digitakt Notebook


Amazing resource @iceritchie, I’m stuck! :clap::clap::clap:


Cheers !! :beers:


By the way the Analog Four book is close now. 250 Pages +


Looking forward to it!


The Digitakt Notebook. Updated now for OS1.11. Also added Hyperlinked Contents (and page return to Contents) links. Improved text layouts for improved readability.


Hey man, how can I access the updated version if I purchased this earlier? The download link which came with my original confirmation mail has expired. :slight_smile:


email me your details, order, date etc and ill send a link


Hi Ritchie. Just purchased your guide! Looking forward to read it!


I hope you find it useful :beers:


Just purchased, and much appreciated!


Finally… The Analog Four Notebook has been released today. Thanks for all of your patience, interest and support. Phew this one was hard work and the 270+ pages hopefully will be helpful.