The Digitakt Notebook


Hey Everyone. You may recall i wrote an A4 book a while ago. Recently i have re-written The OP-1 Notebook. Now i have released today The Digitakt Notebook. An eBook designed as a Guidebook, Reference Book and a Notebook all in one. It covers everything on Digitakt, from step by step walkthroughs, tips, workflow guides and much more in 160 ePages.

Its not my profession and doesnt pay the bills but keeps my site running at least, where it can be found. As always, Price of a cup of coffee but its on sale price right now.

I would welcome any feedback good or bad which can only help on any future updates.



Thank you, just bought it. First impression…looks great and very helpfull.


Ty for your work
let me know for the digitone notebook


Yikes this is incredibly useful - what a nice piece of work!


It looks helpful…thank you very much just got one!


Looks like a nice notebook! Would you say that it is for beginners to learn the Digitakt or does it have more advanced tricks and tutorials in there?


Thanks man, for this price, it’s a no-brainer and I really appreciate the effort :slight_smile:
I just got a Digitakt a few weeks ago, my first no knob per function device, and this will really help me get the most out of it.


Hey STME, hows things. Had some of your stuff featured on the old GO-p1 site. I guess its a bit subjective and others may be better answering your question. It def will help newbies but its intented to cover more advanced features too. The price is set to be sure people will at least get some value


Is the A4 book still available?


I would also love to get the A4 book… the digitakt book looks great! Will get that one too…


Hi Cnicht, I had planned to convert to the same format as this new version and also needs to be updated to cover MkII. Given i dont have a MkII it went down the priority list. I could actually put the MKI legacy version up online with a bit of tweaking if people would be ok with that?


Just purchased the Digitakt Notebook to support. Nice jobs on the schematics! :slight_smile:

I’d be all for the A4 Notebook :slight_smile:


Yes please!


Does anyone have a list of differences between A4 MKI and MKII


Nicely done :slightly_smiling_face: Keep up the good work!


I only have A4 mk-I…

But Ang manual / reference guide would be great for me! Thanks for your effort…


Thank you for this, I purchased a copy last night. As a new Digitakt user I can tell this is going to be very helpful!


Thanks you Ahress


Thanks Eangman


Looks great! Thinking of downloading this to compliment my Model:Samples, as i’m sure there will be some crossover of workflow from the Digitakt.

Great job, synthdawg!