The Digitakt Notebook


Thanks JCFAX81


Compressor section is super helpful!

Great companion piece to the manual.



Thanks, Just bought it! And waiting for my digitakt to arrive any day now.


Putting my request in for the A4 ebook :grinning:


A4 85% complete. Expect it out very soon


bought! thanks :slight_smile:


Enjoy, I hope you find it helpful


Bought it last week, a bargain and very helpful in getting comfortable with the Digitakt. Thank you!


Thanks ric0chet


Really nice! I’m somewhat of a newbie and its easy to understand. Really reasonable price as well, you should get a donate button as well.


Got the digitakt one, great work. Looking forward to the A4 one!


I got a Digitakt a couple of months ago and have been slowly making my way through the manual, it’s not as bad as people claim, but the learning curve is definitely steep.

Your book looks very promising so I went ahead and donated and got one, I’ll start reading tonight and will report back once I get through some good progress to let you know how it goes.

Thank you!


Hopefully you found it useful?


@iceritchiei bought it two days ago.

Thought I’ve learned it all but your manual uncovered some nice details and tricks I wasn’t aware of, such as Microtiming.

Thanks for taking the time to put it together and offering it for such a low price.

IMO this should be the default manual shipped with the Digitakt. Maybe there’s opportunities to collaborate?


Thanks Pascal i appreciate your great feedback and thanks for your support. Yes maybe i should contact Elektron. For info and anyone thats interested the Analog four is next and so far is looking close to being 200 page plus. Will still be price of a coffee though but maybe more of a ‘Tall Latte’ than a ‘flat white’ :wink:


just downloaded it from your site. Looking forward to check it out. Thanks for the effort of putting it togheter :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Thanks Hiperi0n, let me know how you find it :+1:


I picked up a copy, and it’s a good read so far.

I found a typo, and a possible correction…


I’m not sure that PRE is correct in section 4. I thought PRE looks at the state of evaluated trigs only, and ignores normal trigs. In the diagram it shows it looking at the the previous normal trig.

Same for NEI, as it behaves like PRE, but looks at the previous track.


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Thanks Gino for the feedback. Ha i see what your saying. The fact that it has to be a conditional trig prior i haven’t made explicit enough.


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