The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


I’ve just watched the video of tips and tricks from loopop, and I loved the trick to control digitakt audio tracks thru digitakt midi tracks… but it’s not practical use the midi cable for that.
Then it would be awesome use that trick withour midi cable: Control audio tracks thru midi tracks, like midi machines on machinedrum.


Hello everyone, this is my first time posting after spending several years lurking on the forum.

Not sure if it’s been mentioned here previously, but I’d love an arpeggiator on the Digitakt. I know you can sequence an arpeggio, but it would be a blast to be able to perform an arpeggiated line using the trig buttons chromatically. I’d also really like to be able zoom in on my samples in the “source” page for precise tweaking of start / end / loop points. It would be nice to have more pitch range than just four octaves, as I often feel I can’t get low enough bass sounds when using short “click” or “pop” samples as oscillators. I’d love to be able to process external input through the Digitakt’s effects and filters, and speaking of the filters it would be great to have some kind of bandpass or notch filter. Let’s see, this one has definitely been mentioned by other users here, but sample slicing in the “source” page would be excellent for cutting up longer samples when I just want to use different little bits of it per trig. You could set up several “slices” in the source page and then have that as an LFO destination too, so you could modulate it to cycle through each slice randomly, or whatever.

I know we’re getting into Octatrack territory here, but I really hate the workflow on that box and would rather just keep on truckin’ with my Digitakt which is much more intuitive and fun.


Not sure if plausible, as far as we know overbridge only runs on a full blown DAW so would take some finagling to squeeze into a little breakout box!


Stop crushing my dreams!!!


Raspberry pi :wink:
Who knows…


[quote=“Anfim, post:2087, topic:39863”]
Not sure if plausible… full-blown DAW[/quote]

Well, not being a software/ hardware engineer, I honestly couldn’t say. But it is far more ‘doable’ using the suggested break out box (nifty idea by the way @Snipecatcher), than suggestions for similar features which don’t mention it - ’ how about {insert heavily resource hogging feature here}? '.
Who knows how much it might cost, certainly more than a dollar, but in my opinion it’s absolutely plausible considering the finagling power of the chaps at Elektron and the fact that it would be totally focused on one job rather than many, as a laptop might be.
Come to think of it, something with the processing power of a mini pc, combined with a DAC chip could do the trick.

Either way, this whole thread is totally ‘pie in the sky’.


That’s the whole point of the thread really. Discussion of fantasy. Generally when I post an idea in this thread it’s for community feedback and if I get decent feedback here I send it to elektron.

Breakout box would be interesting though. Kinda like the output expanders for the mpc.


You are a saint. I’ve always wondered what percentage of dreamy dreamers on this website communicates their product ideas to Elektron directly. At least there is one.


Tempo divisions and multiplications per track! It seems like such a simple thing to have I don’t know why it isn’t a standard on every sequencer. It’s a drum machine it’d complete it if we could do polyrhythms :slight_smile:


USB host mode for computer-less external USB MIDI keyboard. You never know…


+1 for a peak/EQ option in the filter types (more useful than a BP to sculpt samples)


damn i just found that


Digitakt can do it!
But the sequencer perform this trick ,on one track/
And perceives the 7 tracks loopeing on the number of steps of the first track :
So, if you have a loop on 4 steps on track 1 / Track 2 will be built on 4 steps.

Too bad!

An update is welcome to counter the minimal problem of the sequencer.


At the danger that this request has already been written: it would be nice if you could switch the active track via CC.

yup :slight_smile:


We can dream.


yes a Scale per Track like the OT has would probably be simple but it would expand the possibilities vastly. Its also number one on my wishlist for the digitone.

Number two is about sample looping: On release a sample should not be looped anymore and play just once toward the end


I think This would kill the ability to use single cycles properly for synthesis.


yes thats true, so why not implement this as an extra cycling mode?


Different loop modes would totally be a nice feature


another help would be: name the CC-messages of the MIDI-tracks after the proper functions in the manual. This could be changeable point in the setup. this would make it easier to control the digitakt with the digitone and vice versa, without the need to look up every cc value in the manual.