The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


So …:panda_face:why not Slices capabilities…:ram:to begin



…And ,a possibility of zooming, 'to relax these jubs<
For exemple when i’am on a broad spectrum 'sample after loading<<


What I would really love (in Isaac Hayes’s voice) - “Some of that sweet sweet Digitone chorus FX”


This is a new pretty cool idea that would likely get us all mobile.


New to thread and I see it’s been quite busy. Regarding section 8.4 in the Digitakt manual - MIDI Notes - one thing I’d like to see is the ability to transpose the midi notes where samples 1-8 are triggered, as well as the chromatic playing of the sample with corresponding midi channel. Transposing by octave would be fine, it’s just that my controller does not do midi notes 0-11 (starts at 12), so I can’t currently take advantage of this cool feature.

If I really had my way, I’d love to be able to zone the samples chromatically across the keyboard, a la Multimode with the Analog Keys - that would be the ultimate implementation of the feature.




An option to turn the right input and output into an FX send/return


Would love to see a dual filter rework to match the old digital boxes. Could put the base parameter where the HP/LP switch is currently.


Transition fluide to change in time ,pattern


I Can’t Believe It’s Not Stereo Thru ®


On audio retrigger screen, we really need a ‘FUNC+knob turn’ to skip to 1/8, 1/4, 1/16 re-triggers… at the moment it is waaaay to fiddly, and skip jump is available on loads of parameters already!


Just use the up and down arrows! Only just discovered this myself last night


i think everyone will agree with me here …EQ per channel


aaah… thanks :slight_smile:


maybe a flanger effect


You can even do that if you’re willing to have two channels for one sound. Both are the same, but the flanger “effect” shall have an LFO modulating the start point of the sample. Maybe slightly adjust the tuning to taste and you got a bit of flanging going on. Or do it the other way, LFO the tuning and adjust the sample start. If you want fast motion it’s better to LFO the tuning.
It’s not the real thing with positive or negative feedback and the actual motion of a flanger, but it gets you somewhat close when you need it.


Hi everyone! I’ve been away from the digitakt for a long long time, frustrated by bugs and stuff.

Anyway I just loaded up 1.10 from 1.04. I was wondering what I missed while I was away. I saw sidechain compression, that’s cool. Is there a song mode yet? Or a performance mode? Or anything like that?


Anything significant added would be in the release notes with the firmware update.


At the vereery least a multimode filter. Having to resample just to cut lows or highs gets frustrating.


Having a SCATTER / GLITCH type effect, either on the main output or assignable to a specific channel(s) would be a pretty epic game changer for live performance on the Digitakt.

And SLICE MODE would be nice, but I’m not the first to ask for this here :wink: