The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


nope, you’re right, and it’s a common feature request. I have a feeling they’ll get round to it one day.


I hope so. It seems like a major inconsistency in the OS.


This frustrates the living shit out of me


A basic “tilt” style EQ on a single knob, or a base/width filter like a Digitone would be handy - would free up the resonant filter for creative uses only instead of having to compromise between using it as a resonant filter or an EQ…

Alsoooo… I’ve said it once… I’ll say it again… polyphonic playback of samples and increased pitch up/down control that also doesn’t ruin your chromatic keyboard range…


To be able to bring a sample from the +drive back into the recording buffer and work on it some more would indeed be an amazing if not overdue feature. Having the cut, zoom and assign seemed so usefull when it was demoed but in reality you need to use those features post recording more often than not.


Thanks for this tip, brilliant workaround!


mute / unmute with next pattern iteration.

for example if you want to mute kick and hats and unmute other percussion exactly with the Next pattern start.

nobody would hear it besides me, but i hate it when you hear the BD in the first trig or percussion Starts too early.

i know i could use different patterns with purple track mute Mode. but to have all the different combinations i would have to use waaaaay to much patterns and also would need to memorize where all the different mute states are.


8-polyphony falls under the DSP limitation… forgot to mention that.


@Elektron — not very difficult to introduce a [SONGMODE] on DT. Just allow a new option menu to create [SONG] and we simply manually program the [CHAIN] —> 1+2+1+4+3+5+7+8+1+2+1+1, etc. —> SAVE SONG AS? Song 001. MENU > hold something + [PLAY] to load song. The logistics would have to be figured out… you get the point. I’m sure it can be done!

Digitakt Pattern Chain mode

Is there a group thread VOTE on these requested features ala ADOBE forum? Highest voted items receives the most attention from development team.



Elektron staff may read the posts, but these topics are generally for discussion of potential feature requests between users (for example, to determine best method of implementation or whether there would be any drawbacks to a change).

The official method for submitting a feature request to Elektron is to email:

Elektron decides which feature requests they can or will implement.


Still no ability to do portamento/glide for sequencing ala 303 style? At least from what I can find on the forum.

So if this isn’t sorted, it’s a feature I’d like dearly :wink:


I would love to have slide function exactly like the Korg SQ-1. On the Digi I guess you would need to hold a button combo and select the slide steps. So easy to make shit sound liquid on the SQ-1.


Screen Zoom for Start, Length & Loop point editing on the SRC Page, plus scrubbing.


thought today, how good would it be if I could map sample start points onto the virtual keyboard of the Digitakt… so basically manually slice a sample across sixteen pads…


I’m thinking of the direction of the sequencer being played.
Like the Roland Boutique JX-03, JP-08, JU-06

Random player <


Ability to have 8 bars per pattern, instead of 4 and different chromatic scale style selections … :sunglasses:


You can get an extended delay effect with the Feedback function :sunglasses:


Open the ENV to INF as well.


I hope they are more imaginative than that. I mean they could add new features to both OT and DK and there would still be reasons to buy both.
Both have different harware, and the harware should be the only thing, in an honest world, that limits what the machine can do.
Software should always be developped to exploit the harware to it’s very limit.

… limiting one machine just to sell an other is such a lame business philosophy; greed uglyness…