The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


You could just get a controller like the MidiFighter Twister for performance.
With the knobs having buttons you can program them as mutes so you can have momentary mutes when pressed.


I’ve got one here , it’s basic as a controller and useful in some ways but ultimately I think I’d need to learn electronics and coding to make my uber controller.

Or use midi designer pro more. Maybe hook up a physical controller to tweak virtual controller to do stuff.


Here are my top realistics ideas for my beloved Takt and how i think they might be able to integrate with the current UI (we’ll never get slices guys)…

  • More filters, bandpass at least, notch welcomed, or a combined hp/lp OTlike (with no res as i don’t think they could implement it with the UI)

  • Second LFO page per tracks (Func + Lfo twice) ? Is it ok for internal CPU ?

  • Basic LFO per FX would be amazing (Func + Delay/Reverb twice)

  • An alternative to Slices : Scanning throught waveforms by pressing the encoder with increments of 3,75 instead of actually 4 (i think) would “chop” the samples in 32 steps (when a 2 bars loop) = ideal for quantized starting points… This is a very small code revision that could HUGELY improve our workflow…!!

  • Transpose MIDI sequences for god’s sake… (there’s some place left in the SRC page)

  • MIDI ARP ? Dedicated page by pressing Func + TRIG

  • Sync Rec would be awesome but i don’t see how they could do it + would overlap OT fields anyway

  • Selectable scale per track… Once you tasted it you can never go back

  • Control All by Midi / OB ? Killer feature

Voilà, many of this has been adressed already and i’m sure we’ll see some of it in a decent future… Once they will fix OB 2 (wich seems amazing by the way) for sure.


EDIT : regarding slices : as seen in other threads and above, a 128 increments in the waveform scale parameter would simply solve this and be much more practical / logical… this is so basic i wonder why it’s not already there…


pitch wheel pass thru
sustain pedal pass thru


More reverb and delay models. Spring, tape delay, etc. Would love to see a master fx which emulates old samplers, like TAL sampler does. I know people will say just use OverBridge and plugins, but TR-8S can record separate tracks via USB, but also has a boatload of onboard fx. I think most users appreciate good onboard fx. It boosts the fun-factor of a sampler exponentially, imho, and helps to make a box its own little eco-system. They’ve added a master comp, so maybe a few more fx are in the works. I sure hope so.


Copy paste sound


that doesn’t working if you’re playing live, modifying things as you go through patterns


I consider this to be top priority. Theres alot of things i would like the DT to have. But pitch and modwheel control should be an expectation. Theres no reason for digitakt not to have this


The possibility of muting or unmuting tracks of a pattern before switching to them, would be awesome for transitions in performance.


Try using ‘pattern mute’ (purple) as opposed to ‘global mute’ (green); mute states are saved per pattern.
I think that might do what your looking for.

  • cc for midi retrig rate
  • cc for Fill on/off
  • cc for track nudge


Ability to make the compressor to have individual pattern settings or on a global scale. So you can do light compression across a pattern, switch to next pattern and it keeps the same settings. This would be great for live performance and honestly (speaking for myself) if I’m going to use a compressor in studio setting for tracking I’ll most likely use a plugin.


ability to use cursor keys on sample point editing … making them context sensitive to where the menu is.

i’m editing the start point of a sample.
the encoder , although being very carefully rotated , suddenly speeds up and goes past the point i was aiming for. even if i get the start point correct i then have to deal with the others.

after doing this too many times i turn off the device. (its warm in the uk , everything is annoying right now).

while editing sample start point I’m 99% unlikely to want to change the tempo as i’m focused on a tiny decimal point increment .
similar to retrig , I’d like to use cursor keys to go up / down in whole numbers or fractions .
while on this screen using the keys it just seems to momentarily tweak the tempo.

the point being updated by cursor keys is related to the last one altered by the user so it could work for start , loop , end point.

OR - a generic way to zoom in/out of encoder value increments so i could update how numbers , zoom in to update single numbers , zoom in again to update fractions.

I’m sure if this is rolled out throughout the interface many more fine controls could be used instead of the tempo tweak.
now i just want a way to move the step retrig length in a slower way as it seems to zip around very quickly and despite having accurate looking numbers I’m quite happy with whole number step lengths.


it does have unique per pattern settings , and an ability to copy/paste/clear the values from an existing pattern to a new one if its not a duplicate.

but yup , i tend to use the same values unless i’m trying to be too clever with it and end up with cliche ridden pumping volume issues.


Please add Slices or Slicing .

Even if its limited amounts of slices like 64 or even just 16 .


I’m sure most of this has been requested/mentioned before somewhere in this thread, but I thought I’d throw in my two cents after using the Digitakt for a couple of months. Really, really enjoying it btw, first piece of “modern” gear (sampler) that got my juices flowing.

Quick background, I’m a sample based beatmaker (think classical-ish hiphop etc) so my thoughts are based on my experience using the Digitakt in that sense.

  • Loop mode when “slicing” a sample, both fwd and bwd.
  • Access to the “zoom mode” when doing a second slice or start point using a sample that’s already in use (as well as fwd/bwd looping), as I tend to use longer samples and access different parts of them (no huge thing though as I grew up having to listen when slicing/looping, using an Ensonic EPS 16+ etc, but it would be a nice feature). I guess this would also be very useful when sampling, saving, sampling, saving etc, and go back and edit afterwards.
  • Per track swing. Preferably a way to set it globally and then turn it off or change it on a per track basis.
  • A second LFO would be very nice.
  • Basic 3b EQ, per track (or at least a master/global one).

I’ll probably think of something else in a little bit, but that’s it for now.


-MIDI equivalent of sounds. We have all this great CC control but no way to change settings. it can be a real drag.
-and YES to all those people who want pitchbend/mod passthrough
-and sample zoom.

those all seem like reasonable, practical requests to me, that won’t eat CPU, take years of dev time, or step on the toes of other devices.

  • a slicing mode
  • sample zoom
  • more filter modes


scale per track!!!


Zooming is fine when editing a sample you’ve just recorded, but after you’ve assigned the sample to a Trig and want to edit start/end times and loop points, there’s no screen zoom function. This makes life difficult.

or am I missing something?