The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


I have to disagree here.
You can keep adding features until you reach that limit, but think about what that will do to the workflow. More isn’t necessarily better. Adding features is great, as long as the quickness and usability remains.

I think the OB will see additional features like a src page with zoom etc.

It’s not so much about limiting one machine to sell another, it’s about the device’s design and focus.


I believe you can effectively already do that by using the Scale function. Maybe not direct enough hence the request?


8 bars per pattern would be awesome. I rarely have a loop which is just 4 bars long, so it’d be really helpful to have more. Also, this would enable faster arps on 4-bar loops, by doubling the number of measures and doubling the tempo, to provide finer time resolution. Frequently for arps I don’t feel like 16th notes are fast enough, and I want 32nd notes with a different note at every step.


As someone who has spent their life making free software, I have to agree with this one. Build and sell awesome hardware, and make good money on it… but also make the software or firmware open so people can add what they want and contribute something back. It may be a scary idea at first, but in practice it works very well.

Instead of submitting a comment on a forum thread, or even submitting a feature request via email, I’d much rather submit a patch which implements the new features I want. I’d be happy to develop new features for free, if the option was available. I already do, in several other communities.


I don’t know why people keep spreading this baseless assumption.

Elektron has never advertised or pushed buying another one of their boxes to get certain features that others are lacking. Each item is treated like a separate instrument, it’s own idea. There is never really even mention that the boxes work well together through x, y, or z feature. Hence, the reason there is a lot of topics on this forum about getting the boxes to play well together.

Additionally, almost every one of their products gets additional feature after release until the hardware is basically maxed out on what it can do.

Things will likely be added to the dt, as has already been seen with the compressor, but I highly doubt the dt will get more OT like. And this is not because or sales but rather the instruments are two entirely different ideas.


When adjusting the DT’s nudge buttons, id’ like the option to NOT change the DT’s master clock sync tempo. Then i could nudge the speed of live-triggered (not sequenced) samples to beat-match the main clock on the fly. Currently, when i nudge, the slaved devices change speed too. Would be very handy if the master clock sync’s tempo stayed fixed when nudging, so only the internal tempo is temporarily nudged.


Plz can we have batch moving of samples to the +drive as sounds. It’s tedious to do it track by track.
Can we also have the digitakt do what the digitone does when exporting sounds from a track to the +drive, which is keep the original name on the naming screen so you can, if you wish, save it quickly with the same name it had.


I’d love to see stereo tracks and/or polyphony… preferably both! Perhaps this would be a special mode you’d enable as obviously track count would be drastically reduced. Stereo would work by importing L and R mono channels of a wav and linking them in the Digitakt - stereo sampling itself looks to be not technically possible.

Even limited polyphony would be a nice thing to have, eg single stereo track with four voice polyphony. But it’s using stereo samples that I’m so keen to see. It seems it would be technically doable.


I use a Bandpass filter just as much as a Highpass and Lowpass. It would be an incredibly useful tool if it was added. The only work around I can find is to Lowpass —> Resample —> Highpass or vice-versa.

Digitakt MK2 - Your Suggestions?

not sure whether this is logical, but some way to randomise the velocity of the trigs in a sequence, possibly to add some instant interest and variation to beats.

Typing this i realise this could be done using the LFO settings, but actually it would be great if there was a separate method.


When the underlying sequence allows it, I sort of fake the randomness with a bit of polyrhythmic sequencing.
For example with a simple techno kick - hat - snare pattern, I‘d let the track with the kick have 16 steps, the track with the hats have 20 steps and the track with the snare have 24 steps. That way they‘re still rhythmically the same, but you can program some slight variations that drift in and out of sync.

Edit: re-reading this post, it sounded clearer in my head. Hopefully it still makes some sense, hahaa


Don’t worry it makes sense, to me anyway. great idea, thanks for sharing.


ok i’m a noob, i keep leaving my finger on func button to mute things then hitting play.
Surely it would be better if clear was on a less used button than the play one !
It would be great if there was a settings page within the digitakt where little quirks like swapping the clear func with another buttons func could be administered by the user along with other things requested by users.


I know this has been mentioned before, but it would be really great if the Digitakt would let Pitchmod + Modwheel info coming into its MIDI IN through to its MIDI OUT. My setup is unnecessarily complicated because I want to use my keystep’s pitch + mod strips with my external synths…

Maybe there’s a workaround or technical limitation I am overseeing?


swing by track. at the moment swing can only be set at a pattern level.

there’s 2 spaces on the TRIG page, one of these could be used to apply swing on the track only and not just on the pattern, which is applying swing to all of the tracks.


Let us use the LFO’s from the midi tracks to route them internally to the sample tracks so we can utilise additinal LFO per track without external cabling.

The machinedrum had this feature and its not for sale anymore. I hope that elektron will give this back to the people.
Never enough dynamic wavery :stuck_out_tongue:


It has been mentioned many times before but it seems such a simple yet great improvement:

Zoom on the sample page! :v:


You know you can just hit it again to undo? I actually like it there - it’s kind of a quick “mute all”


I’ve done this a couple times as well, but I learned to avoid it by utilizing the mute mode, that way you can take your finger off the func button and still mute/unmute tracks.

Getting in the habit of saving my patterns has also helped mitigate this issue


Bandpass filter, pretty please! So important for samples, in my opinion. :slight_smile: