The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


You can already set delay time to infinite, and if you increase delay feedback a little it does not decay over time.


Mmmm sorry let me rephrase, I’d like a longer delay cycle! Like 20 sec instead of the 1 or two bars it can do now. I know that you can set the delay to not decay. But thanks!


ZOOM ON SRC: did the elektron give comments on this?
How can you tolerate more than a year lack of basic functions?)


Zoom on source isnt really a basic function. It would be nice though sure


This has been mentioned already, but it really should pass through midi control messages from external keyboards to external synths. It’s really inconvenient having my mod wheel and other performance controls not work when routing midi through the Digitakt’s auto-channel function.


In the sample editor, the Sample Length is always 120, so we currently need to use increments of 7.5 for evenly sliced 4/4 loops. As the Sample Start encoder press-turn value is 4, this makes quick manual slices unworkable.

For it to work, the sample start press-turn value should be changed from 4 to 7.5 (120/16) or change the sample length from 120 to 128 so that the press-turn value of 4 actually makes sense. Cheers


likely to have been asked / on some other gear.

if i hold a step and dial in the length value , the actual steps light up to indicate the length and return to normal when you let go , it would make legato/portamento notes so much easier.

A4 style performance menu… i just started using my analog 4 more, digging into menus and found this really useful although i can do it via midi designer pro on ipad …on device is better :slight_smile:

system : reset track mute states.
easy menu item to clear track , pattern , project mutes.


you can dial in start/loop/end points via external controller , makes it much easier but they’re not parameter locked unless you hold the step and the hardware DT encoder

good for main sample playback or making ‘sounds’ assuming youve setup your samples accurately.
i barely ever use sounds.


and just hold a bass drum trig and it’ll stop triggering them with 1 button press (assuming you are on that track) / non record mode.


That’s true, but requires a held press.


ok thanks. but this is a feature request thread, not a workaround thread :slight_smile:


sure but one mans ‘feature request’ is another mans ’ it can already be done’

I’d love to be able to edit the values used within the OS for each encoder , so i can make some snap to values, some not , totally control each encoder acceleration for normal / pressed speed.
get rid of menus i don’t use , have a quick menu for things i like.

I’ve certainly been at both ends of development , requesting features that seem obvious/quick with a massive productivity benefit and asking for a unique thing that very few would use in which the effort involved to develop it might not be worth it.

doesnt stop me requesting it though…
i’m not the feature request police :slight_smile:


I tried to get the Digitakt to move the mod wheel control from 0 to 25% during the first couple seconds that a note plays over MIDI, so I could make the tone change without having to manually move the mod wheel during playback. To do this, I used the midi LFO, triggering on each note. However, it didn’t work. The best I could get would generally start playing the note with the mod wheel up, then quickly adjust it downward before slowly increasing it again.

In this case, the mod wheel controls filter cutoff and vibrato depth, so each note starts soft and smooth before getting brighter and wobbly. Except with the way the Digitakt sends the data, the notes start out very bright for a few milliseconds before dropping down to the tone they were supposed to have.

Could the trigger-mode midi LFO send the initial CC value before sending the note? I haven’t examined the data stream in detail yet, but it might be as simple as swapping the order of two commands.


Slices capabilityes please


Given that most MIDI hardware evaluates CC changes with higher latency than note data, spending a second MIDI track just for that purpose might work better. You could time-shift the tracks independently until CC control actually does what it’s supposed to do.


can‘t say this too often:

control desired

additionally to

control all

the function pressing track + knobbing isn‘t set and can be used for pressing multiple tracks + knobbing!

ok, it‘s „not“ possible to press 8 tracks with one hand while knobbing with the other, but we‘re creative elektronauts :wink:


Not sure if this has been said – but would be cool to have a play mode that is forward-reverse-loop. As in, it plays forward, then backward, then forward, and so on. Kind of ping ponging up and back.


+1 to ping pong, I actually thought this was already a feature when I first got my DT


true infinite reverb. the decay times are much shorter than the A4 or the Digitone.


Possibility to switch the light of muted tracks off. It is really hard to distinguish muted from unmuted tracks in live action, especially on the stage or in clubs.