The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


Or even better use sound locks, that way the samples you insert will come with their own parameters rather that the ones in the track.


Ok i see. U can just select the sample for each step… Thanks!


Slice mode would be nice, maybe toggle when in chromatic mode. Could sample into 16


But how do I select more then 1 sample for 1 step?


one sample for each step


It’s only one sample per step, but you can set an LFO to sample slots and based on your settings it will swap samples per step almost at random. It’s a monophonic sampler so it is not possible to have multiple sounds on one step without resampling.


Awesome. This machine just keeps getting better! Thanks guys!


Hi Elektron team .

1 There is no sample playback when removing samples from the samples list 0 to 127 .
Func / Yes does not work here.

Also Func / Yes is realy crappy idea. why not use the keyboard notes simply . holding func seems very stupid to do basic things.

Would like to see , Pattern retrig Play re-start any ptterrn of 1 step by 16th notes , currently min value is CH.LEN = 2 that is not flexible to do live the way its setup and restricted.

also while sellecting pattern from same button , this action does not retrig start playing step one.
You can go from pattern 1 to 2 and 2 to 1 , but CH.LEN is too long to retrig the kick etc , and its not nice to do. it feel clumsey as is and dum move.

Changing this to pattern retrig on , and CH.LEN = 1 or 16th note .
this would enable live playing and retrig of first beat of a bar , al la RS7000 , QY700

does yamaha own the idea of this? like we had this idea over a decade ago.

Please fix .

also switching banks and patterns holding a Func button maybe okey , but we also NEED A FULL MODE FOR THIS that is latched on off . not timed out …

3 In Track mute for global mutes , there are to many lights flashing on off . i just want to see what is muted only… not the notes being played. Have to litrally press stop and toggle mute modes to see what is muted atm. The lights flashing are to dazzling too. To bright.

TY .


I agree Fn+Yes is awkward for something as fundamental as preview. Personally I’d like the option to auto preview as I scroll through the list


auto play while scroll is good , or at least while holding Func , one button held…


Track Button lock mode. Where you can change tracks without triggering a sound and without holding track down.


yepp, that paralizing firework while having every trig on every track is a kind of cancer to my eyes!

also experienced that you don‘t see the mute states properly while having too many trigs?

that‘s what i thought from the beginning, too bright and too much blinky stuff …
without additional room light, or in total darkness i feel tired very quick!

there‘s a thread about this!


(Next-trig) microtiming as LFO destination!


Oh, yes please.

If we could work out something similar for pattern chains (“Just play this pattern for a minute while I mess with it, please”) that would be smashing as well.


Yeah thats a seriously great idea


Pattern counter in the display? Would it be nice - Showing how many times your pattern have been played - think it would help me to structure better…


Hi everyone !
sorry if mistaken but :
if i program a 16 step sequence and i’ll set the track lenght to 4 steps, enter Grid Recording Mode, and then shift the track (p-locks) left or right (FUNC + Arrows </>) it will only shifts the 4 steps whitin the 4 step page. Why doesn’t the DT shift the 16 step sqnc over the 4 step page (loop). This way we could make nice evolving loops by cycling through the 16 step sequence. That would be cool !


Nice idea.

A different way to achieve something similar? A new trig condition to “randomly play a single retrig from this step”. Then, you could set a 1/80 retrig for the step and get hits that fall on/around that step. To include early hits, microtime the step backwards some. I haven’t actually counted but I’m assuming if retrigs go to 1/80, that’s the same resolution we can get via the mico-timing menu.

What do I know but seems that could be easier to implement since conditions are already step based whereas the LFO is param based.


“Rotate through chord” trig type for MIDI tracks would be a really handy, DT-like way to get a lot of variation out of single pattern.

The idea: Record a chord to any step. On playback, instead of playing that step polyphonically, on each loop the DT plays a single note from the chord.

Simple example. Assuming a 4-step pattern with these four trigs:

  1. Chord of C - E - G
  2. Rest __
  3. Single A note
  4. Single F note

Loops of the pattern would trig like:

  1. C __ A F
  2. E __ A F
  3. G __ A F
  4. C __ A F
  5. E __ A F
  6. And so on…

You could use it to vary a note in a bass line or melody. You could use it on several steps to get something like a 8-bar bass line into a single 2-bar pattern.

Ideally, the trig type would have a few variations like

  1. Play chord notes from low to high
  2. Play chord notes high to low
  3. Play notes randomly
  4. Play each note twice (similar to some arpeggiators)
  5. ?

Oh, speaking of arpeggiators, if you were to change the 4-step pattern above to a pattern length of 1-step… cough bonus cough.

Would be most ideal if it was a separate type of trig parameter instead of a new type of trig condition so that it could still be used along with the existing trig conditions. But a new trig condition would work!

And, so long as I’m dreaming here, if this could work for MIDI trigs, maybe it could also work for audio trigs one day? They would still be monophonic trigs but you could record chords in to get the same sort of mileage out of a single pattern. If the trig didn’t have one of the ‘rotate through chord’ trig conditions applied, it would choose the lowest note as the trig.


Clock divider per track. Miss that badly