The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


Solo. I only need Solo.


Controllable from cc93.


Has anyone requested…

a Conditional Lock that only fires the track if the track is not currently playing


Ability to play multiple patterns simultaneously

Having this would make it possible to build more layered musical voices (drum pattern, bass pattern, vocal pattern, instrumentation patterns, etc)


Ability to assign samples to the midi tracks when not using midi


Snap to zero is already a thing (I assume you’re talking about pitch?) - just hold FUNC while turning the encoder. All controls have snap points, although some are better chosen than others.


That sounds brilliant! But unwieldy. I suppose absolute muting could be done with the level setting.

Would be cool to see this implemented.


Being able to zoom in the sample when doing conditional trigs is a big one for me. Or am I doing it wrong?..when you sample straight after you can do it but after the option isn’t there. seems kind of simple it would make my life much easier to get the fine points in the sample when “trigsing”


I’ll add two that i can think of for now.

  1. (MASTER VOLUME INDICATOR) Since there are no tick marks on the Master volume knob nor is there any digital numerical indicator listed on the main window for the Master volume. I think this feature needs to be put in. It helps when recording your samples to keep them uniform making sure the volume is the same throughout.

2)PLAYBACK CURSOR in Zoom window)While in edit mode for your newly recorded sample its nice that there is a line that shows you where your sample is currently playing as it goes the length however, It would be very nice to have that line shown on the top zoom view as it goes by aswell. It would help when trying to determine where you need to splice your sample for precision


That’s a good tip that I had forgotten about, thanks.


Don’t want to start a new thread but any news on 1.05? Only a working week of december left…


They said in December- I’m sure it’ll be up soon!


I’d like to have an ‘expert mode’ which allow to use the ‘legacy kit’ behaviour like the first MD.
Today, switching from pattern to pattern could make a hugue gap in the sound.
The ‘legacy kit’ had no problem with this.

Maybe a toggle to switch in an option menu could switch between ‘korg style’ kit and ‘legacy elektron’ kit.


+1 for a song mode

Without song mode, 8 tracks of external sequencing seems superfluous. It’s awesome but not super practical, especially if trying to play another instrument.


MD style on-the-fly ram resampling.

and more modulation :wink:


save midi configurations as sounds for easy recall

Lock midi cc select page


Ummm uhhhh, song mode?


For the unused encoders on the TRIG page:
2 options from

a) direct access to a cut-down retrig options (i.e. just rate, length defaults to the LEN parameter).

b) a second COND option, which is and-ed with the first

c) type of logic for combining the 2 COND parameters (eg and, or, xor etc)

d) Velocity for the added retrig option

my personal preference would be a and b


conditional trig - random


loop, trig, clock, transport based recording