The Digitakt Feature Request Thread

OK, I’m sorry, I should have watched the video. I see what you mean. I have only just bought a Digitakt 2 days ago and I forgot about the lack of song mode.

Being able to see the progression of trigs on the keys when in mute mode - a la octatrack - so that you can visualise when the bar is coming to an end… to help with timing of bringing elements in and out


You can paste a pattern into multiple slots at a time if you setup your template FX settings etc.

Func + Copy

Hold PTN, The next part needs to be done sort of quickly, While holding PTN, Press and hold the selection of pattern slots you want to paste into (you can do four at a time pretty easily) AND Immediately press and hold PASTE (stop) The “Paste Pattern?” dialog box will appear with a count down. Once it finishes you’ll get a message like “Pasted 4 Patterns!”. This can also be done while the sequencer is playing to also Copy Patterns that you aren’t currently playing. You cannot, sadly, edit a pattern while another plays. This works on all the modern boxes afaik.

Again steps are:

Copy the pattern (either Func + Copy, or HOLD PTN + 1-16 + Copy)

Hold PTN + the destination trig key(s) + Paste until the countdown finishes.

You can also CLEAR multiple patterns in this way :slight_smile:

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Maybe a fonction to spacialyse
FX section.

A 3D effect modulator!

Thanks Asctricii, but the problem is not pasting several patterns, what I´d like to do is pasting things onto several patterns (a compressor page, a kick sound…), and this can only be done one by one.

I know it’s lame to say but…

Saving Pattern Chains.


not lame, would be so useful

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when i set a retrig on a step, and hold that step and press yes to audition, it doesn’t audition the retrigs… so if you have a retrig step that only happens every 4 or 8 bars, then you’re in for a wait…

auditioning should take into account retrig settings on that particular step. seems like an oversight.


On the sequencer’s CC Select page it is too easy to accidentally knock one of the controllers to a different value. It would make more sense to change it to func + knob to change a value and then the parameter is locked to that cc value.


Your suggestion makes a lot of sense!
Working on a 3/8 yesterday showed clearly the limits of the 16 steps per page.

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Can we get something like the Power Handle for the Digitakt, but instead of a battery pack it’s a spring reverb tank?


If real time audio processing, recording/playback trigs, and stereo inputs never show up I would still love to see monitoring while the sample buffer is occupied and [SAMPLING] + [TRIG] as a combo to quickly assign audio from the buffer after normalization.

This way we could save Sounds as effect presets, with FX sends/Filtering/LFO Routing ready to go, and the “off” sample slot active.

Using the current [SAMPLING] button combos to get decently timed loops, and assigning samples from the buffer to the audio track without losing audio or going to the sample screen would be like processing audio in real time 🤷🏾

Might not be the thing that I crave most. But imo it would knock downone of the DT’s biggest live hurdles.

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This would be siiiick

for me just some features of the Digitone would be more than great; a second filter to clean up the samples (low-end) and a second LFO would be also great. Also the Master features (Gain, FX & Co.) would be awesome


Totaly agree with that!

Ah! One more… PLEASE elektron, give function yes an confirmation screen. It is so close to function no and when you really funked up your sound (in a nice way) and think YES! 1234 and back… (function no) –fuck, I accidentally hit the yes button… you are done! Game over. Last live set ever. A nightmare


Or a timer that you just have to hold it 1 second before it saves would be ok by me

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Recording samples directly to a selected sample slot in the actual program would be so great.
Also, having the possibility to disable auto-maximising of recorded samples would be great because that would allow us to play recorded samples straight away. So one could process recorded samples on the fly … without stopping the sequencer. that would make the Digitakt a live-sampling capable device , which it is not at the moment.

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Yeah, I always miss a kinda “consolidate” or “bounce” way of sampling. If I tweak some parameters and want to resample the sound in the same track, I have then to clear the pages one by one, or clear the sound and then find the new sample. This in a live situation is a pain…

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Elektron please make the Digitakt a Drum Computer, some kind of synthesis come on!!