The Digitakt Feature Request Thread

Band pass filter with selectable width no resonance applied. I do a quick resample but that slows my creative and mixing process.


+1000 That would be a very strong addition for live jamming.
Something like how selecting patterns to chain works but for selecting tracks to func+all.


In the two empty cases, I will see a ‘’ random sample ‘’, possibility like the polyend tracker.

Performative Fill/ Quick Fill
Press track Button + Page/ Scale button.

/With Settings somewhere so this is more like a ratchet/ grandular effect/ loop, as opposed to a normal step fill.
Could affect multiple tracks.
thank you

This has been requested for years – Live record mod wheel PB data from external keyboard? – but MIDI modulation passthrough (pitchbend, modwheel, aftertouch, etc) is sorely needed. Polyphonic aftertouch support would be really sweet also.

Being able to command internal tracks with MIDI tracks without hardware loopback would also be helpful so that I can change the controller’s tracks on the DT with a simple knob twist.


I made this video to beg Elektron to implement length per page. The idea is to be able to select how many steps a page should play before immediately skip to the next page, which ensures that the downbeat on each bar is on the 1st trig on every page. Today it’s very hard to work in time signatures like 6/8 or 7/8 or 5/4 because the downbeats don’t align with the pages. Because they don’t align, copy-pasting pages for further editing breaks the flow of the beat. Gonna send them a proper feature request asap.


I dreamt last night that I could deep-fry on my Digitakt. Per track! I think this would be a terrific upgrade.


Sitting here spending time pressing the same TRK FUNC PTN plus needed buttons to copy 8 midi track settings that I’ve decided to rock across tons of otherwise full patterns is taking ages. I wish there were a way to copy multiple tracks at a time the same way we can copy multiple trigs at a time.


Sorry if I missed this in the thread, but something I’ve noticed is that when sampling but not saving to the current project, there is no warning when you are out of sample space. This recently happened where I went on sampling not realizing the samples were not being saved because I was out of space. Kind of a painful waste of time. You get a load error warning when you are out of project sample space so it would be great to have a similar warning about overall sample space.

I find it very tedious resampling with external effects. I can only turn monitoring off but dont seem have the ability to just listen to the processed signal, maybe I’m missing something essential but I was kind of expecting a “monitor only” option, that would make resampling a lot more convenient.


I´d like to have a copy/paste mode where you could select several patterns to paste. For example, an FX page, a compressor page, a sound, that you want to remain the same in other patterns.

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To add to this, it’d be cool if we could select multiple tracks to copy at once.

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Cross posted from the DN thread.

Thought of a neat idea for kits that could be implemented on both the DT and DN.

Allow for each track’s sound to be marked to carry over to other patterns, or to be changed. For example, I want to keep my bass sound and all live tweaks from pattern 1 to carry over to pattern 2, so I click the little checkbox in the sound setup menu. I want my lead, however, to change from P1 to P2, so I leave a little checkbox unchecked. This would allow for so much more flexibility when playing live with both machines and would satisfy those who love kits and those who don’t.


Notch filter


Excellent idea

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D’yno what I’d like is some sort of integrated stand… maybe you could adjust the angle in it. I see no reason why it couldn’t double as a sort of battery pack. Maybe you could flip it up and use it as a handle too - for, like, boom box on the shoulder programming. There’s an idea…

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I mean I’d actually totally buy one.

It can be done. You are not restricted to 16 bars. set each track’s M.LEN length to INF and each CH.LEN to whatever. polyrhythms are possible. Cuckoo explains it here on the RYTM but exactly the same thing can be done with the Digitakt

MIDI retrig please :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip, yeah it can do polymeter. It doesn’t solve the problem of downbeats not lining up with the 1st trig on every page if you want to use anything other than a 4/4 time signature. With 3/4 time, the downbeats will be on steps 1 and 12 on page 1, step 9 on page 2 and step 5 on page 3, making it impossible to copy and paste entire pages without messing up the rhythm.