Live record mod wheel PB data from external keyboard?


Hey all. I’m on 1.04. Maybe this is just how things are, but I have a CME Xkey going into the Digitakt MIDI In. Digitakt MIDI out triggering some other external synths. Does the Digitakt not record mod wheel, pitch bend and aftertouch messages in live record mode? It seems to be filtering that data out on input? I could have sworn this worked on 1.03.

Any devices like the digitakt which use sustain pedals and mod/pitch wheels?
Passing Pitch Bend and Mod through Digitakt midi channels

Maybe try to use the DT MIDI Auto Channel on the external controller device !?


Yeah that’s what I’ve been using. Works fine directly into the synth so it’s not the xkey. It’s just when I run midi through the DT, it seems to filter out any cc data, mod, pitch, aftertouch out of the signal completely. Strange.

I put a ticket in to Elektron to see what’s up. Thanks for your help.


i havent tried this but.

maybe have a midi track on the same channel , with everything enabled including the midi cc values you are likely to change.

so if you are sequencing a box on midi 1 , setup a midi track on channel 1, enable all the things ?.
but leave the pattern blank. ?


Tried that, thanks. Still can’t seem to get anything but note data into this little guy. Maybe velocity which it seems to pick up on and transmit to my external gear. Is anyone else seeing the same thing?

Really wanted this to be a nice little midi hub for quick jam sessions. Hoping it’s a bug.


Same issue (as I recall, not around my DT currently). Only note data, no AT, PB, or MW are recorded into the sequencer (or forwarded along to MIDI tracks) when playing. This is sending data to the AUTO channel with a MIDI track selected.

I’d open a support ticket to get the official “product limitation” vs “future feature” statement.


Received confirmation from Elektron support that the DT does not have the capability to record CC, mod wheel, pitch bend and aftertouch right now. It’s something that they are looking at for a possible future update but have no information on that currently.


Really looking forward for this… That is a massive limitation :confused:


Yup. This is a deal breaker for me. I really want something that can do this in MIDI (as opposed to audio, e.g. with the OP-1).


Yeah, not a dealbreaker but it would be really nice. I keep reaching for the mod wheel and then remembering it won’t do anything.


I wanted to weigh in that this is my most anticipated fix. Using external controllers like keyboards and especially the Linnstrument are considerably degraded by this issue. I find that even velocity recording is sketchy at best. Sometimes the notes get the velocity data saved, sometimes they don’t. So you end up with a pattern that sounds good, but then some random notes will be much louder than expected.

Linnstrument allows for several dimensions of expressiveness in every touch – allowing for super powerful slides, tremolo, mod, breath controller, etc. My dream is to be able to sit down at the Digitakt with auto channel on, bang out a sick tune with a synth, save it, loop it, switch synths, repeat.

Right now, I’m pretty close to this, but the limitations of the Digitakt mean that I can only record notes well, and then have to go through every note and adjust it manually, in order to get the desired automation.

Related: the fact that Digitakt can only do p-locks per step is a pretty big limitation too. That means that you need to use an LFO to control a midi param if you really want a smooth transition. I guess the unfortunate reality is that modwheel and pitch bend are always going to sound terrible when you can only save their values at the per-step interval. I like the compromise that the Novation Circuit achieved – it fudges the UI and records more note data than there are steps. That way, when you tweak params on the fly, or jam out a really complex melody, the Circuit actually records everything. It can’t display all that data in its simple UI, but it doesn’t lose it either. That way, I can at least delete the whole pattern and re-record it, in its full fidelity.


It’s not just the sequencer. If you route your midi keyboard through the Digitakt and then to synths, you can’t even use a sustain pedal. At all.

Even playing over top of the digitakt sequencer, or when it’s not running, just sketching out ideas. No through! In the “Midi Config” under “Port Config” there’s a setting called “Receive CC/NRPN” underneath “Receive Notes” and I checked both.

I’m also using my Digitakt as my computer’s MIDI controller so I can use my Roland A-90 (no usb, only midi) and the notes play the synths in Reason just fine, but no pedal, no pitch/mod, nothing. Same story with hardware synths. Midi from A-90 to Digitakt, Midi OUT from Digitakt to IN on synth. If I use THROUGH maybe it will work, but I don’t think it combines out/through to use the sequencer and my controller at the same time…


Do we know why DT doesn’t pass through anything other than NOTE ON/OFF? Isn’t that kind of weird? You can assign an LFO to pitch bend or mod wheel or BC or aftertouch, but you can’t then control those via CC?

I really don’t get it. Does it have something to do with the trig-based sequencer not being able to handle it? Do other Elektron boxes exhibit this behavior? I feel it MUST be a software limitation. Damn shame. I’d even take mod and sustain pass through, if it was just a “live” controller, that couldn’t be P-Locked. That would be great.


Just discovered that. Any workaround apart from configuring the Keystep to send MIDI CC in place of MW ? Can’t the Digitakt just transport the signal?


I am realising this limitation too… what are good options for midi sequencers to live besides the digitakt for this, that or not too expensive? I would love to record all tweaked parameters into the sequencer.
The way the digitakt is build, I don’t think it will become the most versatile midi sequencer for long sounds. the p-locks are great for percussive sounds… and I am ok with this limitation if I could complement it with another midi sequencer :slight_smile:


I’m at 1.10 right now…
At least have the PB, AT MW (and BC) be send from in to out.
A pass through is at least that simple, after that please record.



Is this still an issue?


Yes, it don’t work, silly really, pass thru would be very easy to implement and should record them really.

Hurry up Elektron, you’re annoying a lot of people!

…and then SONG MODE.



p.s. I’ve meant to try a midi merge box to get pass thru to work, will do when I have time…


I use the ribn ios app which records and loops cc modulation, gets you most of the way there


I thought so… but… in OS 1.10 manual we can read:

Bug fixes
Controlling the MIDI tracks VAL parameters with external CCs did not work.

So it sound like it should work…
Also, in “List of changes from OS 1.01 to 1.02” i found this:

It was not possible to record chords into the MIDI sequencer via Chromatic Mode or external MIDI
when live recording.

I don’t understand…