The Digitakt Feature Request Thread

Sounds logical to me :slight_smile: my knowledge on cpu / dsp usage etc. Is very limited haha.

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Hi guys,
So I see now that the values when you press and turn the sample start knob are changing in 4.00’s while this is not the best way in my opinion, because it will never snap to a good section of a drum loop for instance.

With 3.75 the whole 120 length is divided into 32 segments wich is much more musical, not 30 with the 4.00 jump in values, please consider this in the future.

Also just a thought, it would be awesome if TRIG+YES could work like YES+TRIG.
You could essentially create slices and play them, or any other weird funky sounds, just a thought.

Re filters @DaveMech and @amaury, I’d prefer additional filter types more than a 2nd filter. The Digitone had two filter pages, and this has tripped me up plenty of times during a performance. When I’m in the middle of a sick transition, I press the filter page and turn the filter cuto-- oh crap, that was the base! Quick, switch back to filter page 1!-- and turn the filter cutoff, but oh no it was too late. Transition over, it came out limp. While a 2nd filter would be fantastic for shaping sounds, I think adding yet another page to the Digitakt would take away some of its immediacy. And it’s not like it’s a case of “don’t like it, don’t use it”, because pressing the filter button twice would toggle between the two pages. Unless they include an option to disable the 2nd page.

An additional filter type that combines both hp and lp filter should be pretty awesome, kinda like what they have on the Octatrack. There may not be enough knobs to put all the controls, though… :thinking:


Problems arising from more complexity (2 pages) crossed my mind indeed. Maybe a way would be to make the second filter more of set and let be one, accessed by double tapping the filter button, so that we retain immediacy of the one filter for performing.

May not work at all. For the record, I wouldn’t trade immediacy and predictability for a second filter, I’d rather stay with one :blush:

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Maybe a bass kill (non sweepable) would use less cpu than a proper second filter.


Indeed! Simplicity for a second filter wouldnt matter at all. A possibiliy to statically filter out low end for a sample would be my only requirement for it;
if it would have more than one preset frequency that would be awesome.
No need for any modulation at all. (or resonance for that matter)

Another feature I would love to see:
Copy trig to trk sound

*Now that you can neatly preview your locked trigs it would be great if you could copy a trig with func+rec and paste it to as track sound by holding trk+stop on the desired track.

If it would work the other way around to copy a track sound to a trig that would be a very cool functionality too!!

(so essentially this would be an exception which would allow you to copy across these two specific object types, such as a short routine to retrieve info from the appropriate source object for the operation) I think -with my limited insight in this matter- that that shouldn’t have any impact on the DSP capacity


Sound Browser dreams:

  • FUNC + Trig 1-8 as a short cut to filter sounds based on the trig’s label (kick, snare)
  • New sidebar item under Filter to quickly toggle between ‘drum’ related tags and everything else.
  • Below Filter, show the most recently (or most commonly) used three tags as filter shortcuts.
  • Easily set ‘favorites’ (or any tag?) without going through the entire save process. Right side menu?

Related: some quick way to save a sound to both the project and the global sound pools at once.


I don’t know if it’s been said already, but the sequencer of the Elektron machines as a whole is pretty limited tbh… And a major bummer for me.

  • Step jump [e.g.: don’t play these steps (not only sound-wise but time-wise)]
  • Active step [e.g.: start from step 5 till step 17]
  • Real polyrhythmic patterns [without messing up the time needed to change the pattern or restarting every end of pattern]
  • Change of directions [e.g.: back & forth, or backward or random]

I mean, don’t go too far… Volcas have stuff like that already implemented…
They are insanely good for happy accidents and stuff that you’d never imagine…

I mean p-locks and probability are cool and all, but some true sequencing capabilities would send these machines to skyrocket :smiley:

Having said this, I truly adore my Digitakt and Octatrack.
Thank you Elektron for making them :smiley:

Hope they weren’t mentioned yet. List ordered from easiest to program to hardest (my guess):

  • Chromatic-Mode Range indication: indicate via Button-LED if you get out of range in chromatic-mode (maybe no LED lid instead of white LED)
  • MIDI-Track send to Internal: give a MIDI-Clip the option so send the data to internal tracks. Adds another LFO and tons of further options immediately.
  • Poly-Synth-Mode: turn your Digitakt into a Sample-Based-Poly-Synth without having to use a retrokits-cable. Should be easy to progam and would be a huge gamechanger.
  • Flex-Loop-Rendering: Maybe its possible to implement an algorithm, that renders a loop to the clock-tempo but doesn’t change in pitch, like Flex-Mode in OT, but its rendered, so its static (i guess this request is a bit unrealistic in terms of memory, but would be really awesome)

Your last FW-Update was AWESOME! Thank you guys! The constant updates keep me from selling your products.

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About additional filter, I’m not expert in DSP and filters coding but I think a band pass filter is more complicated than a LP or HP. If the CPU is maxed out, a BP filter can be too consuming.
Maybe now with class compliant usb, you guys can use resample method with external plugin to filter / EQ your sounds.

An toggle to reset the TRCs at the MLEN loop… MLN.T ??

I also thought of a simple bipolar knob just to trim low or high end (kind of a really basic overall eq) in case a second filter is too much (which probably is due to the mentioned CPU limit)
At this point I’m just hoping for BPF, if anything…
Ping pong play mode would be really nice as well


In plain words for old people?? :smile:

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heh! ok here’s an illustration using ableton…

let’s say the notes represent a 5-step looping sequence.
the loop brace represents the DT’s MLEN (set to 32)
the 5 notes are all have the 1:2 TRC applied, so all play, then not, then play again etc.

in the image, when the MLEN loops, the 1:2 TRCs are reset back to the ‘on’ phase (1 of 2).
currently this doesn’t happen and the TRCs “roll over”. this makes for interesting evolving rhythms but an option to ‘hard reset’ them at the MLEN would be very handy.


I’m see, thanks!

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This 2nd filter thing or eq instead really is the only thing I wish

That would be such a clever and easy to use solution! One knob to just trim low or high end. I that or a bandpass filter type would be awesome.

And yeah, I’ve really come to like ping pong play mode on both drum loops and on melodic phrases thanks to the OT. It felt more necessary there since the OT can’t edit multiple trigs at once like the DT and DN can. Really useful to lengthen the tail end of a drum hit if the drum loop is too fast, or to quickly create new melodic phrases in a sample that weren’t originally there.

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I agree.
These features and a stereo input mode for monitoring (not asking for FX or anything like that) are probably at the top of my feature requests now that class compliant audio and trig preview have been tackled.
Unfortunately I don’t have high hopes for neither of them but who knows…

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In Aus, the unit costs $1700, so when i bought it two years ago, i even had to wait MONTHS, for overbridge, and even then i was hopeful that the zoom feature would be fully implemented. its there, except its disabled after you edit. so yeah, a simple request would be more audio editing options, dont really need time stretch, but at least to zoom. even the cheapest units do it.

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Yeah zoom/trim after the sample has been assigned to the trig is essential. Basic stuff. It’s all there Elektron. Make it so.