The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


Put me down as another advocate for step/trig preview.

I really think all of the Elektron boxes would benefit from having it. This would definitely be yet another game-changing addition for the Digitakt with production-based sample manipulation - especially since it seems like true sample slicing feels like a long shot for the Digitakt. But it would be almost as amazing for all of the other Elektron boxes as well.


The latest update 1.11 - Wow! Really happy Elektron still does what it did back in time when we only had the MD and MM. But when do we finally have an EQ per track?
I really hope this is something they can add soon, as this is still my no1. on the wishlist.
2nd is Multimapmode like on the Digitone.


Yes an eq per track will be great


Did you try func + left/right arrow keys in grid recording mode? (I think it’s per track though)


Lauli helped me out there earlier on, but thank you for your reply also.
Yes i believe it’s only per track, but already saves a lot of copy/pasting Trigs around and avoids getting tangled up. Cheers!


I´m 1800 posts+ behind with reading,
but i´m shure you guys created here in the menatime a camper with full kitchen, shower and toilett, plus a nice doll out of the DT



Now comes a tough one… I want a “?” charakter to name patterns or samples! Why is there no “?”? You always have to question yourself and what you are doing and I want that attitude to be reflected in my labeling system in the Digitakt.


Want ability to record automation of effect parameters. For example start unquantized recording, and change delay time.

Clearing automation could work by going to the effect page, holding [NO] and the encoder down while recording (like it currently works for other pages)

It would be nice if it used the active track so that the mutes work to toggle the automation on/off.

Although multiple tracks could have conflicting automation, this is handled today as you can use multiple midi track LFOs to control effect parameters (with a DAW or midi loopback)

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dual mono (L & R) or stereo (L + R) cue out on the headphone out would be nice.

to bypass up to two tracks from the master out, and effect with outboard gear etc


I raised a ticket for this. It’s a hardware limitation. :cry:


Just had this idea, so sidechaining but for Midi parameters. So for example you have the sidechain from ur kick hooked up to some Midi parameter which you can change to some predetermined parameter whenever the note is played… would be interesting


Support for TEMPO over CC would be super nice ! :bear::bear::lizard::lizard::sun_with_face::sun_with_face:


May have mentioned it before but sampling pause would be be super usefull for creating neat groups of samples without having to play them all live and in sequence, tap button to pause recording and tap it again to cue up the next.


Customizable defaults would be awesome.

Start a new pattern at 100 BPM instead of 120

Track 2 defaults to slot 20 instead of 2

And so on and so forth


This would be awesome!


a shame but it’s all right. i hope there’s not a mk2 one anytime soon but if they make one and dont add that feature id be surprised. seems basic for a mono drum sampler


Agree, and make this happen for Octatrack too :slight_smile:


copy the kick pattern into a midi track, make all trigs lock trigs without triggering a note, then use a LFO in one shot mode


A small wish: I’d much prefer if the trig buttons turned yellow when adjusting the Scale settings. Having the trigs the same red as Record/Edit mode has led to temporary confusion more than once here…


Hi Guys.
at the moment we are working on the Digitakt.
We are really missing some important features. Please be so kind as to implement these urgent needed features for LIVE Performance.

  1. Every Track has its own Level Adjustment. Thats cool. But we miss some kind of general level mixer over all tracks regardless of the pattern track level (e.g. in the Master Mixing Table).
  2. The Possibility to save the track mute status within the pattern.

We hope to have made a good proposal to optimize this wonderful machine.
Thanks a lot for your answer.