The Digitakt Feature Request Thread

It would be great if you could hold [fill] and press a step to plock a different sound for fill mode on top of active triggered sounds, so when you hold fill in play mode, the sound state changes. Right now you can set steps to trigger on fill mode, but you cant change the “fill sound”. I know this is not what trigs are really for but I would like to do more variations on a fill. Even just an alternate trig layer. Maybe fill mode could do more than just trigger trigs?


Bandpass/hi-lo filter and stereo input monitor pretty please and this device would be pretty much perfect :pray:


these are probably my last feature requests as well… as long as the stereo monitoring has some kind of gain control - the current input level is too low…
I kinda gave up on other CPU-heavy processes (I’m just guessing here, no expert) like zoom on SRC page


What i did was lower the volume on the compressor page to level out the input monitor to the internal volume


Is time stretch a hardware limitation thing, or is it possible to implement on the DT?

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I don’t think it’s possible, or of their interest

that’s pretty clever!

Hi there Elektron scientists! Another request !!!

I would like to be able to scrub through sampling content.

Like when you just sampled some random piece of audio and are looking for the chunks of pure gold (when trimming down) Would it be possible to use for example ‘knob G’ to move the selection around (playhead/markers/selection) and scrub through the sample this way to haunt down other nice artifacts???

That would be so neat. and a real timesaver too
(or is this function maybe already in there somewhere?)

(already enjoying de 'Takt so much just fiddling and playing around with random content. Its like an oldskool hiphop collage, f*n awesome!)

Let the sample digging adventures begin!

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Nice one. I’m dumb and would have never thought of that

Not in the latest update but want bad …

step preview
MIDI retrigger


I love the idea of step preview (as cenk suggested for DT a long time ago) but I still have no idea if it exists in any other Elektron gear…? It’s not on my DT or AK…?


Ir doesn’t existence afaik…
But it would be great

New update is great! some features really needed to be tweaked. 2 things that would change my world:

MIDI retrig
MIDI tracks should preview with the cord its programmed with. In other words; if I have track 9 setup with a cord as the overall “note” to be played when i press track 9, it will play the chord instead of the root note of the chord in question (this really just seems like an oversight). I really want to be able to play tracks 9-16 as if they were different cords going to the same device. As of right now, this can only be done with a sequenced track and not “played” by me.


At this point my biggest request, and it’s been said before, is better sample management…


Is there a way, when i’m in sequencer stepmode recording, to shift the pattern around? (Digitakt/Digitone/Keys)

Sometimes when messing about i come up with something nice that starts halfway a sequence and i need to copy/paste trigs one by one to get it to start on the first count.

So a ‘SHIFT/CYCLE PTN’ left/right would come in handy?

It would also do wonders when figuring out tight polyrhythms, with the new scale track feature and all.

(throwing the entered trigs around, with their conditions, in a random fashion, somewhat like the new randomize page function? Dont you just love those happy accidents and glitches)


I think you can do that with FUNC + L/R


Thanks, appreciated

As original post suggests:
Some kind of midi learn would speed things up heaps :slight_smile:
And audio FX pass through - why can’t it do this?

still its an awesome machine anyway.


Use the performance of the digitakt effects in the audio input
in order to modify a signal or an external source.

Something super minor :

Can we get a little more volume range for the metronome sound? I like it to tear my eardrum apart when I’m finger drumming, and I currently find it to be quite low even at max volume.

Thank youuu<3