The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


Haha, yeah I mean why not. Similar to the secondary SRC view, but for the LFO. All along with a few guides/markers for the trigs and the bpm.


my first Elektron device is on is way (but unfortunatly not in stock) so spending my time watching YT vids and reading this thread. My first thought reading back this topic is : "is there any feature request from this thread that is actually implemented? " ok the compressor is there but what does Elektron offer besides bug fixes. Anyone?
Im also a modular freak and suddenly feel spoiled with the crazy amount of nice updates such as Expert Sleepers (Disting) does.


From this thread probably little, because this is not the official request path to elektron. But if you look at the history of their boxes, the have a track record of adding features post release


Well, finally Overbridge 2.0 (beta) :wink:

Speaking of OB2: this project took quite many unplanned resources. None of their devices got much improvements in the last 1.5 years.

Additionally they ramped up their release cycle to a new device each year. I’m not sure if we can expect improvements over many years for each of them like it was before (because that simply doesn’t scale).


Echoing the already mentioned sensible requests:

Bandpass filter
Per track multiplier
Zoom of waveform in SRC


Upgrade of Sample Trim page

Make use of currently unused buttons, like UP-DOWN-LEFT-RIGHT, these buttons have no function in sample trim)

A press of UP would play sample as normal as if one pressed Func + Yes

A press of Down would be able play sample looped between sample trim start and sample trim end if button held

Buttons LEFT - RIGHT in sample trim would play from different points ie: button LEFT would play from a portion before the sample trim start, button RIGHT would play from after the sample trim end. (See: handling of Sample trim in the latter versions of MPC JJ OS)

Grasping at the straws here, but maybe an exotic filter like a phone filter or formant filter throw into the filter page would be cool


Has anyone thought to have a voting system for these Features. How do you think Elektron chooses which feature to add? If they add any more.


This is already happening when using loopback or external controller. Enabling it for internal stuff shouldn’t be too hard. Would be nice to see indeed. Visual feedback like this is always welcome.


I think that the most likely scenario Is that if they get enough request for a feature through the official feature request email there is consideration for adding that feature in.
This thread is not that official channel.
This thread is more like shouting into a wishing well.


I’m pretty sure this thread as well as the other feature request threads are read by Elektron. Doesn’t mean they do anything with it but it would be a waste not to do anything with so much feedback.


If you say so, Maybe you’re more in the know

I personally don’t think an elektron employee is combing through the 2000+ post contained it this thread or others and tallying up what users want. Either way, they have an official request email. That is really where people should send request if they want them to be officially recognized. It exist for a reason.


I’m not sure if any of these request threads makes really a difference. It’s a very, very low percentage of device owners who visit this forum and even a lower percentage who really posts.

So these threads are in no way a representation what the “average” device owner really wants.

IMHO they really know very well what’s missing and they also know very well why it’s missing (technical restrictions, design decisions, effort vs. benefit, tight product-to-market schedule etc.pp.).


Totally agreed. Its why I have to chuckle at all the people requesting sample locks for the M:S. It’s not in there for a reason. If they end up adding it I will be more surprised than if they don’t.


It’s trivial to do some analysis on forum topics containing 90% text. It wouldn’t be very smart not to use so much customer feedback. They could simply do it at database level if they wish. But all we can really do is guess. You’re free to believe they nothing with the feedback on the forum, I’m free to believe they do. I hope the truth is somewhere in middle :smiley:


I hope they don’t, design by committee/users almost always generates terrible results.


What I really need is mute groups like on the akai mpc


Now that even the mpc has a sidechain effect that offers ducking the digitakt (with no seperate outs) has to get that, too, c‘mon.


Midi re-trigs… PLEASE!


A CNTRL-ALL menu that allows you to choose which tracks are affected by using it


You know the forward backward loop mode, hoping this will be implemented in a near future.
Such a simple but powerful loopmode.


what’s forward loop mode?