The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


there are so many feature that are meaningful to implemate…pls elektron…have a better update-policy. just take care for your existing products and push them to a next level.

  • 1 for track multiplier, chance (all/track), stereo input, control all selection, internal midi feedback loop and so on. there are so many good ideas

  • Sampling over USB in OB
  • Drag and drop sampling in OB
  • Easier sample maintenance


Time stretching is all I want!! Hope it becomes a feature in the future.


My requests for my beloved DT:

•song mode
•retrig for MIDI tracks
•bandpass filter
•stereo samples


I would like to have the option to select ‘segmented’ value increments on the pots - in particular the Digitakt sample start, length and loop values. Say with the option to select incremental values of 1,2,3,4,5,6,10,12,7.5,15,30 thus saving me from future RSI complaints as my poor thumbs work overtime to dial in that exact 45.00 value again and again. Should be dead easy to implement too!


Bandpass filter - very important for good-sounding percussion tracks, especially when sampleflipping.
Scale per track - probably the most requested DT feature ever.


Sample portamento / glide if two trigs overlap; there’s a nice free spot on the trig page to implement a bi-polar encoder; auto-glide one way, always glide the other.

And audio in to fx is a good second in my opinion :slight_smile:


Trigless trig SLIDE. (P-lock parameter slide) :crossed_fingers:t4:


My two main wishes.
Zoom in SRC to better set looppoints on imported samples.
Sample amplification on imported samples.


Same as Track Chance on the Model:Samples, except the Trig conditions aren’t evaluated unless the “Track Condition” aka Track Chance = true.


Is that per step? Or per pattern length?


Please Elektron!
Playing with my Opz I realized how this makes a difference in performance…


My preference would be pattern length.

  • More feature requests:
    Like others I would really like independent Time stretch/Pitch; like OT
    Octave transpose; like DN.


Transposition for patterns, please.
At least for midi tracks or something like arpeggiator feature.


Pitch envelope for single cycle waveform synth fun times/percussion sound design


inverse conditional loop trigs.

instead of play every X:X. 1:3 = first loop of every three
play all but X:X. 3:1 = all three loops but the first. [put a line over or under the value to indicate inverse]


I have to say I really want that our beloved DT will have new features, but I don’t believe Elektron is interested in adding any features… :roll_eyes:


They better be interested if they want to sell more devices… otherwise they’re going to lose customers and have to build new devices, and they’re already struggling to support the existing ones.

  • Here’s another ez feature add; visible LFO effects for a bit of eye candy.
    Explanation: When an LFO is acting on a parameter say, the Filter Resonance I want it to move in real time.


Polyphonic playback


Besides my favorites “Scale per track” and “Audio monitoring with effects”, I really want the DT to read sustain loop tags embedded in WAVE files.

You save a lot of time and you have the possibility to create perfect loops using editor software.

Rohan, the developer of the Deluge, didn’t know there existed such tags. But then within two days it was built into the Deluge’s firmware.