The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


his little pause and expression at 4:40… Cenk should definitely NOT play poker! :smiley:


sad to see all these clever and mostly non questionable feature requests!
i think most of us don‘t understand all the restrictions between the machines and it‘s really sad to feel like being cheated a bit!

that new „model“ is the same engine like a DT without sampling unit and two channels less.
but it has some features a DT doesn‘t have.
what‘s wrong?
they want DT users to buy this product to have those features?

at least i got one serious feature request:
trig based recording!


Is it just me having the impression he wasn’t as enthusiastic about the M:S as he was last year with the Digitone (and with Digitakt two years ago)?

Why were there no official Elektron videos/demos/promos, but just 3rd party videos like this? (not counting that rushed video from Cenk before NAMM)


Id really love if Elektron could figure out how to implement the FFT Freeze and scrub effect like we see in the Qu-Bit Nebulae. Maybe its in a new product or put in a future update of the DT or OT.
This is not only because its a killer ambient and drone effect, but also to keep me from falling off the wagon again and going modular… basically its a selfish ask :wink:


Retrigger/ratchet on Midi tracks


OB2 video of synthtopia is also a very good promotion for elektron and it‘s products …

if this was my company, this would be the last product presentation for cenk …

his attitude doesn‘t sell the products better!

i hope we will see some model:s features in DT like that randomizing stuff!


Stereo monitoring is also my number 1 request. I would be pretty bummed if this wouldn’t be introduced in a future update.


Since Scale per track and Chance to all have already been announced for model samples, I cannot see why they wouldn’t be in the next DT upgrade


i think Cenk knows deep down what we all want including him ,hence that look.but his hands are tied


TRK + Copy that copies EVERYTHING of a track.
Btw Digitone track copy, copies everything.


For midi tracks
Make the cc select pg (amp button) accessible with a double tap of the cc value pg (filter button)
Cc select and value will be even more closely organized.
This leaves the amp pg open for 8 more cc values.
Pretty please

  1. scale per track
  2. listening/preview of a parameter locked trig in grid recording mode (all the magic of parameter locking and then you are unable to preview/listen to a pm locked trig - thats a bummer)
  3. unload all unused samples in a project (its so much fun to explore and try things on this machine but if you load loops or longer samples to a project, which you later might not even use in a pattern, projects 64MB fill up rather quick. a way to unload or at least identify all unused samples in a project would help a lot)

  • Track condition. This should be super ez to implement as everything is already there except the condition logic.
  1. If track condition present evaluate.
  2. If true then play track and proceed to eval trig conditions if present.
  • An option to autoplay samples, I’m worried (:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) about wearing out my FUNC + YES buttons.

  • Oh oh, open source the firmware so we can implement these features.

+1 for everything @murks, @Onya, @Sternenlicht, @despectra, @Normalogic listed.


Not only the condition logic is missing, but also the UI changes to display and change it, isn’t it? Would be quite hard to use the feature without them … :wink:


No, the UI is there, but when you turn the D knob it shows. Condition=0.


How would you differentiate between track conditions and trig conditions if you use the same encoder?


yea baby! now we’re talkin’


You have to press Trig to see Trig Cond.
The Cond. knob (D) currently only works if you press a Trig button.
All the other knobs work for both Track and Trig.


I guess I’m not sure what you mean by track condition then…


Probably this will come with the next upgrade.