The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


Trig Mutes - I miss these. I know there is a work around using Func +Trig to turn it yellow and mute, then Trig again to un-mute, but I often forget to let go of the Func key and reset the trig :sob:


I have four requests for the sequencer.

  1. There should be a probability trig that allows to randomly pick a note from a predefined list of notes.

  2. There should be a probability trig, that allows to pick a pattern from a predefined list of pattern, and jumps to that pattern.

  3. There should be a probability trig, that allows to pick a sound from a predefined list of sounds. (alternating sound locks.)

  4. There should be a probability trig, that allows to pick items from this 3 lists with matrix operation. xox /oox /xoo etc.


That’s 4 :slight_smile:


Thanks, corrected. Maybe i should do it in max msp.


Capture Mode like in Ableton Live 10 would be rad…essentially a buffer that records note input even when REC is not armed and can be manually activated to restore the notes played in the last 1/2/4 bars

or simpler a “shit that sounded nice but I didnt record it”-button :smiley:



Just one thing please :

“”" Band pass / Notch filter “”"

(or in my most crazy dreams, 3-Band parametric EQ per track)


dont ask for anything as all your ideas have ended up on model :Sample
annoyed about the extra features the sample has got on a cheaper machine


they have kicked us right in the teeth


this should be EASY TO IMPLEMENT
sequencer track(s) fast clear.
similar to FUNC+Trig[1-16] to mute,
can you make YES+Trig[1-16] (or other combo) to clear track[1-16] sequences?

That will drastically speed up performance workflow, especially in Live Rec mode: we can clear certain tracks, and immediately fingerdrum new sequences into them.
I hope you read this… thank you!


Just adding my support for three features:

  1. Direct Sample Management (upload and download) via the Overbridge VST plugin.

  2. Give the Digitakt the ability to behave as a stereo recorder.

  3. Support for ‘Still’s’ A checkbox per track “exempt from control all.” - mentioned earlier in the thread.


Obviously like to see some feature of M:S carried back upwards to the DT. Scale per Track, Randomization features (dice), etc.

Both mentioned in this video ( video is bookmarked at mention). Sorry to put you on the spot, Cenk. :wink:


I love that he expresses scale per track is a feature he finds important, touches on the fact that it hasn’t been in a box since the OT, his disappointment in that is pretty obvious, but he’s still excited the m:s has it


I want the ability to mimic the sp1200 by sampling in 12bit resolution.this can’t be that hard to do


I think they should make a ekstra filter like on the digitone, where you can double-press the filter page and reach another level… like on the OT i think…


Looping/auditioning of discrete seq pages (e.g. loop only page 3 of 4 to edit in place) would be v handy …


Internal MIDI loop so a MIDI track can also control an audio track.


Now that you can use the machine as a sound card, stereo monitoring is a must.


After watching Cenk’s demo of the Model:Sample, I think it would be really neat to add a feature similar to randomizer to the conditional trigs menu. That way the Digitakt could switch to a random sequence per track, or even randomize an entire pattern using the ctrl + all feature.


Being able to ‘lock’ the sample start time. Eg, if putting it to 5 and holding down the trig key would mean the start would now skip in multiples of 5 - so 5,10,15,20.

then 7.5 would be 15, 22.5 and so on.

This would really be helpful working with quantised breaks without needing to pre chop in your DAW of choice.


I think that scale per track as the new M:S is a must for al new electron (DT, DN, AF of AR), and, as it have been said in many requests, I think that transpose the sequence via an external midi keyboard like in the Analog Four where you can transpose the sequence using the micro-keyboard it has, could be great.