The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


I’m not the first to ask for this but… I’d really like stereo monitoring to happen.

My usual setup is:
2 mono synths
=> into A4 (to benefit from the Reverb/Delay for external synths)
=> into Digitakt

But it makes me lose all the stereo from the A4 and the two other synths.

When I use only the Digitakt and the A4 I go Digitakt into A4 to avoid the issue but it’s a shame that this is not an option on the Digitakt.

NAMM 2019 predictions / releases

A mode that if one trig is longer than one step in length it would still stay on the same step for the whole length. Its harder to see the structure but a great way to experiment. Even if all 16 trigs on a page were recorded you could still change some of them to be much longer than one step and they would not overlap.

Another request is individual note lengths and velocity in polyphonic recording.


Signed up for an account to add that there needs to be a pattern chain save mode (or “song” mode) added… yes I know it’s been said before and there’s some debate around it but hoping for power in numbers :slight_smile: Oh and it needs to be independent of overbridge so in the DT itself.

Also perhaps being able to use the arrow buttons to adjust values - say if you press an encoder in and hold it the up/down arrows will nudge a value 1, maybe the right/left could do .1 (or opposite that) - like the tempo value control - this is good when you keep overshooting a value turning the knob.

Lastly a threshold to stop recording a sample, would need to be separate from start threshold of course.


I would like fade in and out - Band pass & Notch filters. Song mode or at least being able to save chained patterns. Auto play for sample preview. Option to delete un-used samples from project. Am sure this stuff has been ask for before but just my 2 cents. Thanks Elektron. Can’t wait for overbridge 2 public beta coming soon. (Next week?)


i second that


Hello peoples… Adding my +1 to a few suggestions already listed :sunglasses:

:tv: One more vote for Scale Per Track, please.
It would really improve on the already stellar capability of length per track.

:tv: Another vote for Swing Per Track (or even better, per individual Trig!)
Sometimes you want a mix of swung notes and straight notes. Can it be done?

:tv: I’d love it if coarse adjusting Tune made it jump in semi-tone increments!
The encoders are pretty sensitive in general, I think this one in particular
could be greatly improved if the algorithm was refined to more musical intervals.
Pretty please ? Thank you for all that you do. Ok I’m gonna go play now :headphones:


#1 feature for me: an Euclidean sequencer on each MIDI track! Anything that would get more out of MIDI tracks actually, even an arpeggiator would do it


that’s would be great !


I’m planning on the Keystep/Rk002 with DUY combo for exactly this


Monitor mode for the headphone output. Monitor Inputs separately or as a stereo pair (useful when working with a DAW), monitor individual tracks with them muted through the main output as you create, assign the click so that you cant hear it through the main output.


I can definitely see how an RK002 would do it, thanks a lot ben! How do you plan to use Keystep with this exactly?

+1 for this too!


@hypervillain Like this


High cut/low cut per track (like on digitone) would really do it for me.


Ideally I’d like timing shown on the display.

If that is not possible I’d settle for the tempo button to flash a different colour (green/white) on the first beat compared to the others (red), as I sometimes forget where I am in the pattern when in some modes.


Oh wow this would be super useful! Playing in mute mode sometimes feels a bit like wandering in the dark.
Gonna be a bit tricky to implement when there’s different track lengths going on though.


I’m sure it was posted here several times already but i cant stress that enough: it really should be possible to record - or at least let through - aftertouch pitch-bend and mod-wheel information when DT is connected to a synth and a midi keyboard … would make my life much easier …


It could just follow the settings in the metronome to avoid any issue with track length.


Ah yeah fair point, I never really used the metronome :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Me neither, which probably explains why I keep getting lost :wink:


Stereo input monitoring