The Digitakt Feature Request Thread



I don’t know if this has already been suggested or not but I think this could really help everyone who prefers to record performances rather than loops of 64. If possible, I would really appreciate a way to press the REC and PLAY with the monochromatic mode on and just basically have a chained REC mode and be able to record as long as the entire project chained together would work out to in steps. 16 patterns per project of 64 steps for 1024 steps ? Don’t know if it would be possible but, I’d like to be able to use this as my only source aside from samples or sampling and I perform my parts and breaking it into 64 steps is good when you build by types of parts, but I go from whole tracks of a synth and then add drums, etc and if you could chain record, maybe I don’t know and you already can?





Please, HOLD NOTE :slight_smile:



Got my DT a couple weeks ago and pretty much this is the only feature I would love (said the same thing for the DN)

Maybe just hold TRK and press the encoder, then you can name it with the little keyboard with things like FLTR, DLY, RSN, FDBK, GAIN etc


selective control all is a must!
Let’s realise it by holding TRK + the Track# you want to exclude and mangle the sh*t out of it!


Biggest ask for me right now is to be able to identify what sounds are used in projects, and subsequently use an operation to remove everything from the +Drive that isn’t in a project, or somehow let me clean out my drive without removing the samples I’m using…


I did wonder if project recall did this on the overbridge beta but I haven’t had chance to compare yet.
Or even exporting sysex , blanking out sounds , samples etc , then re importing.

In general I tend to think it doesn’t optimize anything


If i recall the manual correctly samples inside the RAM/ inside a project are actually copies of the samples on the +drive. I guess it doesn’t matter if you delete a sample on the +drive that is used inside a project as long as you leave the project untouched.
Just a thought.


Tbh I got my DT two days ago, so I’m not quite sure if it is in fact missing but:

You know what would really float my boat ?
If I could reverse the logic of 1:4, 2:4, 3:4, 4:4 Conditions.

for example NOT 3:4 :
So instead of triggering every 3 out of 4 Events it would do every Event except of the third (if that makes sense)

I’m sorry if I missed something and it already exists or someone else already mentioned it but I just found that to be a missing option for some of my sequences.

Happy New Year everyone


You can do that by using one silent trigger before the actual one and by using the NOT PRE condition.

Takes up twice of the space though, so it could be a bit tricky with tight 16th note sequences.


oh, ok I see. I will try that. Thanks a lot !


Hmm I noticed there is no symbol in the font for flat (say I want to call something “CHORD Gb” it comes out all caps “CHORD GB” so for now I do CHORD F# I guess but maybe a small tweak to add one more character that’s a lower case b?


Just tried it and it works like a charm, thanks !


Could somebody check if the send fx delay feedback and reverb decay reset to saved value when using ‘reload ptn’ ?

  • Put the delay into a high feedback so it goes into self oscillation (lower the delay volume a bit so you won’t blow up your speakers)
  • press func + no.

Does the feedback keep going or does it reset?

I’m running a beta OS and the parameter value resets visually but the feedback just keeps on going u til I wiggle the feedback encoder. Same with the reverb decay. Curious if this is the same in OS 1.10 as I recall that it did reset.


It keeps going until a sound is trigged or until an encoder is turned. Same when changing patterns. It has always been like this.


Hmm, works feedback resets normally (1.10)


anything you parameter lock is exempt from “CTRL-ALL” as well if that helps as a workaround in the meantime.


Works here normally too now. Very strange. Will keep an eye on when it happens. Last time it just kept going while a pattern was playing. Thanks for checking.


also - if you are running out of space on the track you are using due to 16th patterns you can (potentially) use the NEI and Not-NEI condition instead and put the original condition on a trigless trig on the neighbour track.


Sure, no problem