The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


Ping pong playback mode please!


Needs this so bad


This :pray:


This would be such a good performance tool


Has been mentioned before, but pattern scale (resolution) per track please!
If you can do it on the new Elektron Model: Sample, then you can do it on the DT! For real.

OS 1.11 ?


Midi effects.


A checkbox per track “exempt from control all.” I know you can do this by using sound pool trigs, but having the exempt checkbox would work better for my workflow.


press func + bank 3 times


Oh I’d wish looping would have been possible at least to some degree.


Yeah. I would like this to happen.


For me essentials additions are:

  • Time multiplier per track (come on…)
  • Stereo monitoring
  • Step preview (Trig+YES to hear current trig)


  • Internal routing of MIDI tracks (which would give us song mode via conditionally trigged program changes)
  • Kits shared between patterns so that a change affecting one pattern would be reflected on another (probably hard to implement, but I’m a believer)


My essentials requests would be:

  • stereo monitoring
  • band pass/notch filter

Nice to have requests:

  • slicing
  • fx on audio in (like digitone)

Dream requests:

  • drum synthesis machines
  • timestretch


Add pattern scaling pr track and that is my list…

Both that, stereo monitoring and the added filters exists on similar or cheaper machines now.

But I guess DT did not deserve the love.


Yeah, I am not happy about this. Feel like the DT either needs a big feature update, or they just ruined second hand prices.

  1. Crossfading looped sample. To avoid annoying clicks. (per track)
  2. Band-pass of base-width filter (per track)
  3. More overdrive/distortion flavors (per track)
  4. Master EQ, 3-band with sweepable mid

Not sure if it’s possible to add more features per track because it’s essentially multiplying by 8 and the processing power is limited…


If there is only ONE feature I could request, that would be per-track sequencer rate multipliers. Come on guys, if you put it on your cheapest box now, please also add it to the much loved Digitakt!


My 3 requests have been the same since day one of owning:

Bandpass filter
Per track multiplier
Retrig over midi

I genuinely figured they’d have been put in, but I think the ridiculous bugs at release, QC errors, that coupled with OB delays has screwed the potential of this device


To stay within the digitakt:

  1. Redesign of Sidechain Comressing to be able to not compress the signal fed into sidechain

  2. Basic timestretch

  3. Midi controll over Retrig parameters


New samples that are not assigned to track, are not loaded to project. Please, make them add to active project.


those are pretty much my must-have feature requests
oh, and zoom in SRC page! I’m repeating myself at this point though :stuck_out_tongue: