The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


Another lfo would be great but also a second delay would make so much difference, I love the metalic sound a short delay makes on the digitakt and would love to put a longer delay onto that, resampling doesnt cut it.


It would be really nice when you are on an external track that with a combination of buttons.
Lets say func+trk that you could turn on the step note mode on so it turn the 8 knobs into a direct control/visual feedback for the 8 next triggered steps, and you can switch from 8 to the next 16. So you can easily modify the notes of the steps at the same times
Ala cirklon.
Its way faster to works like that on the cirklon you have all the knobs ready to change the pattern notes which is probably the hardest thing to dial and change.

What do you guys think ?
if its not clear i will draw something. I couldnt find the feature request.
Not sure if it even exist anymore with the amount of work overbridge must take


I really like a simple thing:
I’d like to be able to switch from step to live recording by pressing the record button only. So it’s fully lit in step mode then with one press ir switches to live mode and vice versa.

That and of course the universal request: song mode.


pinging thread…

  • midi retrig :slight_smile:
  • second filter a-la DT
  • CC for retrig and or CC for retrig on/off
  • more or track shared LFOs


Yes, midi controllable ritrig parameters AND (yes I write it again) change the compressor architecture so the Track used as sidechain input is not compressed itself! This is crucial for the esential bass drum pumping effect and since there are no individual outs it cannot be done using an external compressor.


Just thought of this one yesterday:

It’d be sweet if there was a button combo that would suspend the knob behavior temporarily.

This way you’d hit the button combo, turn your knob, for example to pitch up a sample, then release the combo and the knob snaps to that value.

In this way you wouldn’t hear the pitch sliding up as you turn the knob in real-time . (Just an example)


How would you turn off step/live mode then? I think it’s not much of a hassle to hold rec and press play to switch to live mode and it can even be done when a sequence is running without a problem.


Just hit the record button again (toggle the record modes), without having to stop the machine.

The current scheme does not work regularly for me.
I wind up having to try a few time before getting it locked in.
It could be me being a doofus, it could be my particular unit, IDK.

But a toggle (based on pushing only one button) would be simpler, and would not adversely affect anyone’s current usage.


I was just thinking a ‘selective control all’ would be really cool.

Op-Z lets me pick which tracks I want in the group to be controlled. i wish Digitakt let me do this, too!

Pick tracks you don’t want to get all messed up, like the Kick for example, and then mangle the rest.

I’d be a happy camper if we had this implemented!


usb midi host


Sort of a DT OB request. I haven’t tried the beta, but would love the following feature:

Allow samples to be quickly drag-dropped from the DAW onto tracks on the DT.

This would allow quickly chopping up samples on the DAW and then quickly adding it to the DT for hands on performance and manipulation that could then be recorded back into the DAW. Seems like a killer combo, but if adding samples to the DT and assigning to tracks is cumbersome it will break the flow.


i think it would be cool for an option to use the midi tracks rather as more flexible type machines allowing different functions within the pattern (assuming you aren’t sending midi to anything). “midi track” being just one option out of a few.

like perhaps be able to use them as different pattern fill (scenes of some sort i guess)… or different pattern sequence order

like by default the sequence is always playing forward (step 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8… etc. or whatever pattern lengths is set in the page functions), but then you could press say pad 9 and the pattern/tracks lengths will change to a different configuration. or maybe the play order is 1,3,5,7,9. pad 10 would do something different… and so on.

or maybe they allow switching between different conditional plocks… allowing the ability to change how the probability is happening on one pattern.

so basically instead of midi, there is option to use buttons 9-16 are ‘scenes’ which control different and customizable track lengths / play order / probability… like scatter on the roland stuff but user designable, classy and without all the cheese - so it is less about fx and more about providing even more variation within the one pattern.

…oh and one more… for whatever drum track is selected, buttons 9-16 could be used to set different settings for that samples start, length and loop settings…


yeah this would be cool… one current work around I can think of is resample your kick and then change something like its filter to none that way you can at least mess with control all on the filter freely with out fear of messing with your kick.


You know I never really understood why filtertype None existed, but this sounds like a pretty legitimate use for it!


You’re not describing the current process.

Sequence playing, no record LED is for sounding and selecting tracks.
Press the record button to enter grid mode.
Record and play for live record. You can then press the record button to go back to the grid mode, no need to stop the sequencer.


I like this idea, it’s actually how it used to be with my former drum machine, the Korg Volca Beats. Maybe this could be in the PAGE (fill/scale) button, where the pattern length is shown there are already the 16 [TRIG] buttons with red light, instead of choosing always in order (starting from 1), we should be able to choose the ones that we want (in your case from 2 to 6).


how can you do this? I have tried, but never managed.


yes! this! and now that I have the light thing in mind. what about making the four LED lights from the pages more distinguishable? In grid mode, I can hardly distinguish in which page I am sometimes. And I have to press the button many times to recognize it by the movement…

Is this only happening to me?


How about have a macro knob page for audio channels? So we can control multiple parameters that are in different pages. We can control them at same time in one knob. That can be very useful for live playing.


yeah, this is a problem with I guess all elektron products I have used … in this case a repeated fail imho.