The Digitakt Feature Request Thread

FUNC+YES(x2) would be great, but FUNC+NO(x2) will kill the ability to return to the safe place properly in a live situation.


2x LFO per track
2x effects per track
Reverbe and delay on the master channel besides sends.

This could just as easily apply to any other Elektron box but it would be extremely useful to to have the ability to save the sysex string of a sound, program/ performance etc of another device, multitimbral sound module or whatever along with a Digitakt pattern so you can just send that data to the module from the Digitakt. It would save memory and be helpful in other ways.

I doubt there’s DSP available for 16 more effects which is what would be needed for per track.

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Slide trigs please!


Please add the ability to send the state of all Digitakt CCs at once so we can sync external MIDI controllers. I was sad to learn this is not possible, currently. Apparently this can be done on the Octatrack. See here for use case: Force Send Digitakt MIDI State

LOL! I am the first after the new upgrade to 1.30. Going to install it now!! Elektronauts

I guess maaaany things from the list are included. or at least a couple of very important ones: two lfos, two filters, one with eq possibilities… etc


I never expected to see that many cool features in the rest of its life let alone one update.


I think we can pretty much delete 99% of the posts here now :purple_heart:


Just close the thread. It’s not needed. :smile:


Quoting myself from the past: hey got almost everything there and then more! Thanks Elektron <3


If only it… I’d love to have… It would be great to… nevermind.


I think now pretty much the only thing I still hope for is sending retrigs over midi (and midi arp on the digitone). Otherwise I’m very happy I haven’t sold this lil guy.

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I wonder if this is being held back because it will cause problems with other gear, the Digitakt already spits out a monster amount of data over MIDI so maybe retrigs would just be too much and overwhelm buffers on other gear? Could be.


Could be, but I do send some stupidly fast notes and mod/pb/pressure/at info to a few very old synths without issue (via ableton). Of course those synths dont take cc, so maybe sending cc changes in addition to 128th notes would be too much.

Would love to have a roundup of ALL the requested features so we can tick off all the ones they’ve got to! I’d say the remainder is a very small list of possibly niche additions with some bigger things that may never be possible or they just haven’t got round to yet :smiley: :smiley:

I DESPERATELY need a clock somewhere in the GUI, because time has already been mismanaged after upgrading to 1.3


Second MIDI lfo please


Midi tracks need as much respect and care as the audio ones. Elektron treats their own midi tracks like secondary citizens. Def feels like they dont relate to those of us who use external gear. Personally, if such a thing existed, I would change firmware on it to save resources for midi over audio, but I’m a minority I guess. They could make a digitakt that was only a midi sequencer and I would be happy.


Yeah I have a few projects with DT only using MIDI out with no audio tracks in use =p

Sometimes it’s a shame knowing there’s unused modulation sources sitting on the other side