The different MachineDrums?

Locked to 32 its fine for some Techno! SilverBoxing

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@defenestration’s vids show what you can do with 16 steps on an MD. :ok_hand:t4:


Just so I’m clear, if it has 4x SCALE SETUP LEDs, and an all black central panel, that should mean it’s a Regular MK2 version, correct?

I found one listed on Facebook for a good price, but there aren’t many details and the image is pretty grainy. I’m a little concerned it’s a scam since it uses a picture from an eBay listing that say’s it’s in Japan, which is way far away from where I’d be meeting them locally.

Anyway I think this is maybe getting way off topic now…

AFAIK yes.

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I may be able to acquire a Mk2 (non-UW) for a very reasonable price but I’m curious, is there a way to tell if the +Drive was installed via the software/on the Machinedrum itself?

Also, does anyone know if the +Drive upgrade is still available for Mk2’s and if so, how much (in the US)?

I very recently had my MKII MonoMachine upgraded with a +Drive, and I gather the +Drive is the same for both MD and MnM. It cost me around $300, shipping included. I’m in Europe, though, and have no idea how much the shipping amounts to within this overall cost.

The best way to know is to create a ticket with Elektron support. When I did so they replied fairly quickly and clearly.


Open the GLOBAL > FILE menu. If the +Drive is installed, you should see the sub-menu entries for +DRIVE settings, SNAPSHOTS manager, and SMPLBANKS manager on the lower-right corner of the screen. See the screenshots on page 63 and later of the manual.


I imagine you can get the +drive installed in the US at one of Elektron’s repair facilities. There is one in Los Angeles area. Not 100% on this though.

Hello, sorry for responding to this thread years later, but that is also the point of my question:

Now, 2 years later, I am interested in getting a SPS-1 MKII UW+ but it is much more expensive as the MKI alternative.
While above it is suggested the price will be around $1000, I can only found them around $2000… did they just double in price or am I looking at the wrong places?

Hopefully someone can answer this questions, thanks already, -Jip

yup and 2024 = $3000 most likely

Damn thats too bad… is there a particular reason for this very steep price rise of this specific machine…?

Ps. I did find a SPS-1 MKI UW+ for around 1000$ (so not the mk2) would you consider that a good deal? I am completely new to making music this way so its hard for me to say whether I would miss some of the mk2 features…

like most classic synths and drum machines it’s of its time and built using components that aren’t readily available anymore. so has its own sound.

out of interest why do you want an MD so badly?

they stopped doing this many years ago.

I think there’s not a Factory MKI MDUW+ version unless have a +drive installed by Elektron. Maybe I’m wrong but you can verify this

Well, I really want a drumcomputer really badly. Right now the setup is 2 synths and a korg volca beats so on the drum side we are VERY limited…
After reading many forums and watching some videos, this one seemed like a good deal within my budget. But that was before the price increase…

Would you recommend something else for the 1000 price bracket? (maybe this is getting off-topic now…). Or again, would the SPS-1 MKI UW+ be worth it for this price?

Yes, in the description he specifically mentions that the previous owner had the +Drive installed.

Great so a custom unit MDUW+ this machine is soooo powerful!!! Silverbox

Without knowing what features or sound you are looking for… have you looked at Elektron Syntakt (if you don’t need samples) or Digitakt (if you want to work with samples, only). Or Roland TR8S.

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