The Blipblox

I’ve just ordered one for my little boy.


I think this looks and sounds pretty awesome. and might pick one up for my children to play with. Totally not for me to play with though…totally… :sweat_smile:


You don’t actually have children, do you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well I do really have children. And they’re also not that great at sharing. Maybe it will teach them a good lesson?

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I was just thinking that ‘hey I could use that’ and this just popped up on the video.

I might get one for ‘the dogs’… :grimacing:

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My son is too young for this thing. I might have to get one and “take care of it” until he’s old enough! heh.


It looks ripe for circuit bending that’s for sure, I could imagine eBay loaded with them, all festooned with silver switches and primary coloured patch points!

I got one in December after contributing to Playtime Engineering’s Indiegogo campaign earlier, and recommend it.

Kids pushing your buttons? Give them their own.

There are a number of start-up configurations like setting lights to show settings (or lights off) and reducing maximum volume.

You may want to borrow it from your child as there’s MIDI in.

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Polypumpkins did this with a Blipblox and a Novation Launchkey Mini Mk3, plus a drum track all edited down with Ableton Live. Good performance – i like that he starts the whole thing with the Blipblox miked all by itself so you get that plastic button click with the sound.

Under 3 minutes.

Quite tempted by this for my 2.5 year old but not sure if he’ll be bothered about using different gear from me. He tends to just want to join in with what I’m doing on the AK - basically twiddling and prodding like mad and making me scared of losing everything I’ve just done :sweat_smile:

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My 3 year old loves hers, although it may be driving my wife crazy.

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