The best Roland TB 303 clone?!

Which is the best clone of the Roland TB 303? What do you think? My vote goes on the Cyclone Analogic TT-303. Check out my test!

No EQ. No compression. No external effects. Pure sound.

Recording chain: Cyclone Analogic TT-303 Bass Bot V2 (instrument) - Sommer Cable Spirit LLX (cable) - Audient ASP800 (preamp) - Alva Optical Toslink (cable) - Apogee Symphony I/O MK1 (converter A/D)

Enjoy! 🙂

What color were the cables?


Clearly the MB-33 Retro because they just got rid of this crappy sequencer. It also sounds like acid. Couldn’t ask for more.


I chose the MB-33 (with mods). But if someone wanted to trade me for an Avalon I’d do it.

Note: “MAM have discontinued the MB33 Retro. It is unlikely we’ll be getting any more in stock.”

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My best is my x0xb0x - which for some things sounds better than my TB-303s. I’m not joking, I built it myself, used the best components including the correct Roland parts where needed, and I did some of my own mods to it too. It took me a long time, painstakingly getting each section right, but it was worth it.

I also quite like the TT, I have mk1 and mk2, they sound great if not exact, but the extra sequencing functions are very nice.

I have TB-03 too, it is also good but not exactly the same, but I like the extended note range, I think it is the best option for lead lines where extended note ranges are needed.

I also have 3 TB-303’s, 1 revision B and 2 revision C, the B sounds the best, it has a flaw in the resonance which gives a kind of fluttery sound, Roland fixed it on C and D revisions.


That’s some popcorn-worthy subject. Here’s my personal ordered list based on what hardware clones I had through the years, all of them being “affordable” clones:

  1. TT-303: Sounds convincing and has good sequencer modes
  2. TD-3: The cheapest of all and also sounds really good
  3. x0xbox: Sounds good, looks bad, but a good option, depending on the build
  4. FR Revolution: Funny sequencer, sounds okay
  5. FR-777: technically not a clone, actually more like an extended version of a 303, but very good bassline
  6. TB-03: Sounds okay, has features you won’t find on analog clones like midi CCs
  7. TB-3: Not that great as a clone, but interesting with other sounds

I made this soundpack for MC-101/707 which emulates the 303, obviously it is not a 1:1 emulation due to knob ranges and things like accent and slide, but I spent time dialling everything in to get it as close as possible, pretty painstaking but worth the effort.

Here is a A:B comparison with a real TB-303


Abstrakt Instruments’ Avalon Bassline is excellent.


I couldn’t convince myself to buy a 303 hardware clone yet.
I somehow just spend money on things I think are super versatile, never one trick ponies :upside_down_face:
But I do acid lines all the time, might get a TT303 for the nice sequencer or the RE303 if my head tells me it has to be authentic if I spend my money :slightly_smiling_face:

I use Abl3 on mac, Pure Acid on ios and really like both. They got the vibe.
@darenager mc101 pack is also very nice, but the sequencer is not perfect for that job I think.
My trusty A4 also does the job quite often. It has a very acid resonance to my ears. Always using the trapezoid wave with -20 pulsewidth like @darenager showed in a youtube video years ago :slightly_smiling_face:

I somehow always prefer square waves for acid sounds… although I mainly use saw waves in most other synth sounds


Pure Acid on ios and really like both

I like Pure Acid too. It sounds different, but good nonetheless.

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aaaaand … they’re already listed on eBay at twice RRP

So very 2022.

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the behringer is amazing bang for buck, it sounds great and the silver one looks pretty convincing too.

i had a roland tb-03 and wouldn’t recommend it, the characteristic accent behaviour is missing so that renders it practically worthless in my eyes

Joris Voorn posted this last week, using a pricey collection of lovely synths and… a TD-3.

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Can be added to aggregate and controlled via midi. And it can squelch.



Din Sync RE-303!

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of course… especially with some original chips…

I really favor the Ruismaker Troublemaker Bassline iOS app. The sequencer has some great visual feedback and really takes advantage of the touch screen. It sounds like Acid to me and I don’t make music for people who want to put my acidlines under some kind of oscilloscope analysis to make sure its authentic enough (that kind of person eats dry toast).

For the money the TD-3 costs less than a lot of nice VST synths, I don’t know how long it would hold up to someone who is a serious live knob twister, there is a huge jump in build quality when you get to things like the RD-8 and the Pro-1, but the sound is there (I prefer the Rat 2 distortion pedal to the distortion on the unit) and again I don’t make music for people who eat dry toast.

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You can have both for approx 1/200th of a 303 :slight_smile:


Awesome app.
The drum samples and fx also sound superb