The best Roland TB 303 clone?!

There’s LOTS of control too.
I’m just running it off my phone. As it is so tiny, I’ve CC-ed all the knobs.

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For $10 I’ll probably check out Pure Acid. I look at music apps like spending a few dollars playing a mobile game now and again. But at least with music apps its like putting $10 into a slot machine that will actually pay out lol

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The XY FX pad can give some pretty tasty results.

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Future Retro Revolution in my opinion

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@craig can give you the best advice on this one.


This covers it fairly well

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@craig has this one:

He runs it through a Boss OD-1 pedal but keeps it bypassed.


Modded to have resonance maxed out constantly


And he uses it without batteries or a PSU, man like his acid quiet.


Je suis Craig.

This is the only great song to ever feature a 303 bassline.



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Ah haven‘t thought about that, thanks. Via camera connection thing? I also still dont have an ipad, running it on iphone. Altough I get along with the knobs as longtime rebirth user on iphone 3…

I wished there was a acidtrance version with possiblity to enter some synth pad notes a la digitone chord mode. I have drambo, but too lazy to learn, too complex for a quick jam in the train and probably really not ideal on a phone…

Yes, a4 is niice for acid. There’s even the dual 303 kit in the files section.

dn also thanks to @Microtribe tutorial.
perfect for simple acidtrance attempts, just i prefer pad sounds on a4. A5 or a8 with the songmode would be my favourite simple acidtrance synth.

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What’s wrong with the accent? It sounds fine to me. Then again I don’t really care about analog vs digital so maybe I’m missing some analog “edge” or something.

TB-03 will probably always be my pick, unless someone else comes out with a clone with an updated sequencer and reverb/delay built in.

It’s the TB-3 for me. Lots of sounds and random pattern + accent, slide & octave shift generators = tons of inspiration. Which reminds me I’ll have to hook it up to the OT soon and sample it to high heaven. I don’t care if it sounds like the original or not, because I don’t make acid :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like the Acidlab modules and Bassline desktops. Though I think the TD-3 is a bit closer to the original 303 after a quick play (not an expert).

I use the MB33 a ton. It’s tiny and simple and quite flexible. You can sweep between saw and square and it drives a lot internally. All useful to me.

I want wonky, sloppy analogue from a 1 osc synth and find the idea of a digital replica of analogue circuitry a really weird concept. I mean I understand it from a product marketing point of view only. Wouldn’t it suck to be an engineer trying to mimic a parallel technology instead of playing to inherent strengths? #overthinkingyouracid

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this one is the best :wink:


I just plug it in with the phone charging cable.

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on the OG 303, and on most clones, if you have two or three accented notes in a row, the filter opens up a little more with each one creating a bubbling/rising effect which is quite famous. as a result there are some patterns you simply cannot recreate on the TB-03! it’s all down to the behaviour of a capacitor apparently…

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Interesting! I didn’t know about that.

One odd thing I like about the TB-03 is that the “mutate” random feature sometimes throws notes way out of the standard octave range. The low notes become really interesting “prickles” with high resonance and a bit of distortion.

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The Acidlab Bassline in that comparison isn’t the latest. it’s the early version 1 without internal sequencer. the latest is the improved Bassline 3 which comes with a sequencer. i owned it a couple of years ago, but didn’t liked very much. something felt not right with the sound somehow and the round wobbly buttons sucked. it sounded OK, but after i got an Acidlab Drumatix 606 clone, which had issues with the Tom Sounds which were a little too quiet and out of tune, i separated from that company. i would recommend the X0Xb0X over the BL3, which is also a little cheaper in price