The Behringer era


BacDonalds? Nah, I’ll take a fresh homemade Burger instead. But I don’t have an issue with people going to BacDonalds. It’s just not my taste.


so you’d be up for something like this then…

the Behringer DM

I think B enjoy capitalizing on making money off of what’s come before. I don think they are thinking of our best interests first. otherwise they would innovate rather than duplicate.

Roland trademark 808 and 303

I hope you just scared Elektron into making a MKIII.


haha ha…nice.

that would be pretty sweet tho! an MKIII not a B-DM


Says you… I say keep your company loyalty… In the mean time me and everyone else will be enjoying tools we’ve been asking for, for decades… It’s not my job to decide who’s right or wrong, I just want to have fun creating music… And guess what? These tools are gonna kick ass! I can’t wait…:blush:


they’ll kick ass…ish.

they sound good…but not quite right
but that’s okay.

enjoy it.


I will my friend, oh will I…


Not many companies do :pensive:


fair enough.


People that say this have not A/B a Behringer with the original. When the Model D was first announced that is what I thought too… how close can it be. Dont judge it based on its price alone cuz the low price tag is not the only good thing about it.


never do man…

honda is as AWESOME car. id take that over a mercedez anytime.

just going by what my ears tell me in the B case.


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What’s that? Just a hypothetical question


Well not me, so there is at lest two of us who won’t enjoy this behringer clones :joy:
Seriously, i am here becouse Elektron is making interesting elektronik instruments, they feel contemporary, creative, they even have beutifull, aperance. So basicly, i am not the consummer in that behringer target group.


They do both actually.


I don’t actually know the value of Moog (not sure it’s publicly available), but I don’t think it’s in the multiple millions of dollars. I think they have maybe 60 employees…? it’s also quite important (to me) that Moog are 100% employee owned. so if they struggle, not only do people lose their jobs but the value of the company goes down and people who are retiring from there and counting on that value for income also lose money. when companies swoop in and rip off their products - thereby increasing the chances that Moog’s value will decline - I find it pretty sleazy.


Discussing if ripping of someone’s work is ok or not is ridiculous.


They should do only one of this two things.