The Behringer era


If you say so. I don’t work at Roland or Behringer and I have zero interest in clones, so I only consider the good new stuff they (Behringer & Roland) release. Why should I care for the rest ? The TR-8S is excellent, good job Roland. The Neutron is excellent, good job Behringer.


This is off topic, its not about were ither of us work , and its not about neutron. Yes i said they should not copy, and the fact they do copy, is why this topic exist.


I hope behringer makes a rytm knock off with midi implementation lol runs and hides


That cheap-looking selection wheel is legit. It’s really got that Behringer flavour :joy:


Thats actually an MPC jog wheel :open_mouth::zipper_mouth_face::rofl:


Bonus points for the horrid blue LEDs too, nothing says cheap like cheap blue LEDs, especially when they are 30 times brighter than they need to be, shows how much thought went into the whole design.

True story: Before I knew much about Behringer probably 10-12 years ago, I went shopping for a small mackie mixer for a live set, I was playing that night so my options were limited, I went to my local (50 miles away) music shop and was informed that they didn’t have any mackie in stock, but they had “these which are almost as good but half the price” pointing at a stack of Behringer Xenyx mixers, I needed to get something so I bought one. I got home and did a quick test, as soon as I powered it up the ridiculously bright el cheapo blue LED came on, I thought holy shit that is way too bright, so I put a piece of masking tape over it to try to dim it a bit.

When I got to the venue for a sound check, I set up my gear and because the venue was pretty dark noticed that even with the tape over it the stupid blue power LED was so bright that I couldn’t look at the meters, because the genius that designed it decided to place it right above them. I asked one of the other guys playing if they had any masking tape, thinking if I put more on it might dim it enough, he said no he didn’t have any tape but came over and had a look, he said “no worries you can borrow my spare mixer” (a mackie 1202) after almost laughing at the POS Behringer, so I boxed it up there and then, and took it back to the shop for a refund a couple days later.


This is Behringer’s idea of legible labels!


^ When the salary of your designers directly reflects their ability. One of the many reasons why cheap is cheap. :rofl: “pay peanuts, get monkeys”


Not any more difficult to read than the m32/dfam


Think about different lighting scenarios, black on white, white on black, or black on silver are always going to be easier to read, hence their almost universal use on professional equipment.


I think you should tone down on the Behringer bashing a bit… Neutron is pretty epic synth for very nice price, and it’s not a clone of anything…

Also, there are some pretty nice custom overlays for it if the stock one is not to your liking :sunglasses:


I’m not bashing them though, just saying what I think, obviously other people don’t like the look of the Neutron either because they went to the trouble and expense of designing their own.

I have never said the Neutron wasn’t unique, I have even said it was the most interesting thing they have done, can’t deny it is ugly as hell though.


I love the second and third one. Also found this one that looks so nice


Still better than MIs :rofl:

All these newbies should ask Dieter Doepfer.


Oh, and crap shot btw.


You’re very welcome :wink:

A bad screenshot from a YouTube video was the best I could find and strangely, still better than this render on Behringer’s own website:

It’s worth noting that the colour red compresses really badly on web-based images, particularly jpegs. I’m sure the Neutron front panel is way more readable in the flesh.

Personally, I find Émilie and Hannes’s work on the Mutable Instruments user interfaces really beautiful and intuitive. Each to their own.


A few weeks with a synth and you shouldnt have to read the labels anyways. Like learning any instrument, it eventually becomes stuck to your memory.


Yeah that is a fair point. Deluge has lots of shortcuts which become second nature after a little while.

Still, aesthetics are also important, more so for some than others, admittedly.


I have the feeling some poor kid somewhere is going to become the next Aphex Twin/kraftwerk of electronic music with a Behringer-only set up

Much like how acid was born from bargain bin 303s


Ahah, right… Octatrack manuals should self-destruct after a month maybe.