The Behringer era


I don’t think there is palm oil in any synths made by Behringer.


i think nietzsche was an arrogant asshole. extremely negative and incredibly intelligent. but somehow he was right in many things. no wonder he became crazy with age.


Does anyone know if the average Chinese Behringer worker is of a considerably lower financial status than their world counterparts?, in term of standard of living.


The synths “built in the US by employee owners” are still using Chinese components. It is inescapable at this point. So now do we buy the US made synth and then go on a moral rampage against the Chinese PCB and diode manufacturers? You’re right, this is all a circular discussion. Notice how the discussion assumes the Chinese workers are exploited and the US workers are not. How do we even know either is true if not for a PR blurb on the corporate website?

It would be interesting to compare real employee experiences of the two factories. For all we know some Moog employees might say they are barely able to pay their bills and feed their kids whereas the B factory workers might be thankful to have a new apartment, full utilities and for the fact they no longer have to fish polluted rivers for food.

We can’t gather much from the single review of Moog on Glassdoor:


Neutral Outlook

Disapproves of CEO


Great people on the floor. Fun, smart, casual atmosphere.


Not many opportunities for career advancement. You will do the same thing for years, maybe shifting products occasionally. “Wage freeze” means no raises. Meager pay.

Advice to Management

Pay a living wage and the quality of a lot of things will improve. Huge disconnect between exec team and people rowing the boat.


Correct, they switched from palm oil based potentiometer lubes to a lube based on baby arctic seal fat. :smile:


+1 for behringer :wink:




It’s nice that it’s not a clone, but I don’t think the Neutron is all that innovative really. What makes it innovative? I guess it has a new filter design, but compared to something like the 0-coast it doesn’t seem all that innovative to me.


It sounds so fat!!!


0-Coast is nice, but essentially everything in 0-coast is ”inspired” by Buchla and Serge synths from the 70s. So you could argue they are not that innovative either at Make Noise, they are just cloning west coast synthesis while most manufacturers stick to subtractive.

Personally I would really like to see some Buchla inspired designs from Behringer, hopefully they are coming at some point.

Neutron on the other hand has new filter design, continuous waveform LFO and very comprehensive patch panel for $300. I love it.


So that french Buchla-Serge-Mix for 299€ is Not appealing because it does Not have a B Tag slapped on?
I am Sure Arturia carries their Share of exploiting workers somewhere too.


Where can I get a Buchla-Serge mix for 299€? I’m certainly interested.


Living at a mega factory complex isn’t a life move that would appeal to me - perhaps it appeals to a few of those workers and is a necessity for many

Many of us don’t probably have much knowledge of what living in China is like as a norm, let alone there … if nothing else it looks safe and clean if not especially appealing as a place to be long term

I dunno too much about it, but it makes me think of the slight hypocrisy angle that some of us will conveniently overlook closer to home … again without too much insight, it strikes me that Amazon treats their employees dreadfully (in their mega warehouses) yet many of us turn a blind eye to that when we order

This Behringer being the root of all evil angle is surely not that black and white - and whilst there’s a separate topic on the whole China situation no doubt, on the face of it, there’s on one level at least employment growth there which cannot probably be said of some of the places we’re writing from

I feel distraught thinking about the plight of the Orangutans but i haven’t done my bit to put pressure on those using the oil - I guess people taking a stand against Behringer is a way to walk the walk and that’s admirable - but surely there’s many products in people’s home which are coming from similar plants - it’s probably the baggage from brazen cloning which is fuelling some of this contempt reserved for anything Behringer.

Is the chat about TC Electronics’ stuff (presumably made there) heading this way too, is it safe to grab a Ditto without feeling a bit guilty !


Check the Arturia Microfreak that this Forum is buzzing now for days…


TC belongs to Behringer Music Group. Didnt you know? Klark Teknik and other Brands too.


Oh yeah, that… I don’t really see it as a Buchla-Serge mix. Seems to have subtractive filter etc? For some reason, I don’t get gas for that synth.

The new Red Panel eurorack system from Buchla themselves is very appealing however. Unfortunately very expensive too…


It has loopable envelopes and the PCB polypressure Aftertouch Keyboard Thing is very Easel inspired. Not to mention the fab digital OSC Models.


The demos I’ve heard on the red panel systems is really impressive from my point of view. Whether I’ll ever be able to afford a system is another matter :slight_smile:


Synths are certainly not sacred (or maybe they are just as anything else is, but that’s a different level of convo entirely :)), and I’m not against expiring patents at all. I didn’t mean IP in a legal sense, I meant it in a creative/existential sense. A Moog Model D is not a Prophet 5 and not a Neutron. It’s its own thing. Each of them are. In the synth world there’s this attitude somehow that anything I desire should be available to me. Fair enough, I understand this but also find it strange…I don’t see anyone insisting that someone clone the Mercedes G Class…if you want that one, you get that one. And if you can’t afford it, then that’s that. And if someone were to clone it, you’d know when you buy it that it is NOT a G Class, just aching to it.

Not to say “work harder if you want a Model D” lol, not at all, rather to say that I find this attitude of obvious replicability (with a seeming disregard for the details) quite interesting. I think it is so much closer to the pharmaceutical industry where in essence the product is a commodity. A Model D (or another synth for that matter) is NOT a commodity, so the attitude/projection of commodification on these piece of creative innovation surprises me.


not from Buchla themselves! The Red Panel line is not really “Buchla”, it’s sponsored by them but is not up to Buchla Associates standards!