Teenage Engineering TX-6 Mixer

Not being able to currently save mixer settings as a template/project is a significant con to me compared to something like the 1010music Bluebox. The audio interface functionality on the TX-6 and its built-in battery are the biggest pros over the Bluebox. I prefer the Bluebox overall but if it didn’t exist I’d be very interested in the TX-6.

TX-6 is gonna be great, can’t wait for mine to arrive!

Love me a portable mixer/interface.

I dig the size, prob something u get used to fairly quickly, no doubt they have done tons of field testing before settling on this size and design.

Always loved their design for the Kanye player, glad it ended up as an epic new TE product!

Wonder what other Field gear they are cooking. I’m excited about some kind of microphone and obviously a refreshed OPz or a slicker all-in-one modular?


I like the size, wouldn’t choose as my only mixer, but I’m interested in seeing what kind of improvement’s TE has in store for this.

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I love the concept of the TX-6 but IMO it’s overloaded with unnecessary features and is about 50% too small. I would have absolutely considered something like this if it was simpler, cheaper, and bigger but still was essentially the same. Like a lot of things these days (for me), it’s so close yet still so far off from what I would want to use. Especially in a live context. I hope they make a TX-7/8 that is bigger. To each his/her own though.

I really can’t understand why anyone needing this would also need the built in drum machine and synth features. Can anyone explain how that would be helpful in their process? All of the mixer features sound great and thought-out but why does this need all the extra stuff? I really don’t get the product thinking behind it.


I think the “TX Big 6” would very much be worth the lawsuit from SSL


not crazy about the drum machine etc… type stuff, I mean it’s alright but I would have appreciated other utilities first as a priority
there’s still time though

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It’s frustrating, TE almost nail things, then seem to get distracted .

I feel they could have left out the synth stuff and put a few UAD quality effects in there.

About the price, it’s a slick bit of kit. Hopefully future updates will improve it more.

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100%. I’d love to see what Presonus or Focusrite could do in this market that is less Lotus Elise and more Volvo XC60.


How does it sound as an audio interface?

The Burr-Brown ADC doesn’t seem outstanding from the data sheet specs, hopefully the qualitative experience is better than what the numbers suggest.

I hear you. I’m trying to find a way to pack my ancient Yamaha MG12/4 mixer so that I don’t have to buy a new 1202VLZ4 when I land in Chicago. At the same time, my partner wants travel to be a big part of our lives moving forward, and the TX-6 would make it much easier to take my music with me on the road and into the air. But $1200 in this economy and right after all of the expenses of a trans-continental move just doesn’t seem prudent at all.

Maybe there are enough well-heeled casual musicians to make the TX-6 and Op1 Field a success, but I suspect that TE wishes they had invested in a new set of Pocket Operators rather than these premium devices.


I bought one impulsively. It’s sitting in the box calling to me, but I can’t decide if I’m going to return it or not.

The outputs are one of my bigger concerns

I’m going to call it “totally decent” There are better adcs out there, but some of the stuff we usually obsess over are the built in pres and this isn’t that box. For line level inputs I’m going to put it on bar with a focusrite interface, not as wonderful as top end devices that cost a lot more than this for fewer inputs. I probably wouldn’t track a commercial vocal through it but it gives me enough space for synths. I’m also mostly using it with my iPad and haven’t done a head to head for science. Maybe I’ll do some tracking against my interface over the weekend and put up some comparisons.

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Quality? Location? I had a pretty focused problem to solve at just about exactly the time they launched this so put it right I use but I admit when I first got it I had a pang of- oh, that’s it? I think you definitely need to have a purpose for it for it to click. I can see it being a tiny box of gas remorse otherwise.

Count. I don’t need it need it but I would use it for sure. But I could also use my normal sized interface for many of my needs. Or I could just route devices into each other as I have been.

I’ll probably keep it, it’s just a lot of money.

What keeps the GAS at bay for me is that I managed to grab a Sony M10 back when they were still in production, and that’s still among the best stereo recorders short of the Sound Devices price point. The TX-6 would be more compelling if the input specs were outstanding.

I could see buying a TX-6 before my next trip to Tokyo to visit the second hand synth shops, but I’m not going to bet $1200 that the trip will happen this year.

The drum synths are actually pretty good sounding. I do think the preset sequences make it a bit gimmicky but there’s a decent enough room to make for some quick sample pack if you were inclined. And for drums in a pinch they definitely work. Definitely usable drum sounds despite being pretty gimmicky upfront.

I wish it had internal storage so you could record your jams. That’s kind of my main wish. Size wise is fine for me, I think it’s cool how small it is. But I’d like to take a few POs and an OP1 to the yard, hit record on this and just record away. Kind of odd how it doesn’t have that function.


Zoom H6?


They did mention that it might be coming? That said, its meant to be connected to a phone or an OP-1 field where you have recording on both of those. I mean, recording to your phone you can the upload it to the cloud and pull it directly to your computer, that’s kinda the way to go imo.

Something’s coming up from Audient. There was a teaser about their Evo line.

The synthpart made me buy it, and the fact that I just sold a synth, so I had the money.
6 x sinus/tri/saw/pulse makes an excellent harmonic oscillator. On its own or as extra oscillators for the modular.
They should have called the tone mode : drone mode.
And to have 6 kicks at the same time is also very good.
The sequencer is very usable but I hope we get user preset in the upcoming updates. And the freeze effect needs a latching mode,or is there a keycombo for that already?
For the last 25 years I hoped for a mixer like this.

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