Teenage Engineering TX-6 Mixer

great info, good point on midi omission. thanks

To record into or out of Drambo do you still need to use one of the third party apps like Audiobus / AUM etc or can Drambo do everything

Drambo does it all. I was pointed to a patch someone built making a digitakt like workflow in drambo and I simplified it as an 8-track audio recorder, but yeah drambo is nonsenically powerful and got me fully back into ios music making.

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Nice that its done all in one App!!

when you say you “record my ipad to my daw or vice versa”. Does that require a cable reconfiguration or just changing the menu settings on the TX-6

I plan to use mine primarily away from my main studio desk but thinking about the scenario where I did hook up to my main Mac / DAW

I should try using drambo with TX-6 to get 6 stereo outs from drambo… could be cool… sample into OT and mangle it

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Not the way I have it set up. I have one of the outputs of the tx routed into the DAW interface in addition to a DAW output going into the Tx-6 so without reconfiguring I can work in either direction. So essentially, the tx is the permanent interface for the ipad. Analogue out from it into the DAW inputs. Analogue out from the DAW into the tx.

Love this idea. I mean, obviously I’m getting rid of all of my gear to only use drambo for the rest of my life, but that intersection of software and hardware is where the magic happens.

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It’s great to see the on-hand user experiences.

If anything TX-6 shows what’s missing in the market. I really don’t need what TX-6 can offer, but I would like a battery powered lightweight, small and portable interface that natively works with iOS.

I have an iPad Pro, but I don’t really use it for audio anything. Mostly its due to the need for an interface that usually requires being plugged in or is too bulky for my needs.

I don’t even like that I have to use an adapter for headphone with it, but that’s another story for a different thread.

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I have a K-mix which has a very similar set of features. It’s only 8 in, not 12, but those inputs all get their own quarter-inch jack, or XLR for two inputs. 10 outputs, effects, great Mac app, optional midi expander, and bus-powered.

The obvious downside is that it has touch-sensitive sliders instead of knobs. They’re good for most things, except setting input gain/trim. You have to bust out the app to get accurate enough.

But it’s fantastic, flexible, and tough. And half the price of the TE.

That said, if I didn’t own it I’d seriously be looking at the TX-6. There really is nothing else like it. I too don’t care about the knobs—I need them for the odd adjustment.

I don’t think it has enough outputs though.


this thing looks like arse. this money will buy you a lot of mixer/IO these days, and you won’t be limited to buying TE cables because the jack sockets are too close together. i cannot imagine a single use case for a thousand pound matchbox mixer with a basic glaring design flaw. if you’re considering buying this, give your head a wobble


This is where I take offense… it’s fine that you think it’s stupid, but when you start attacking people who are considering buying… that’s not ok… And this has been the commentary from people since day one, constantly attacking people… Fucking do better, seriously!


ah mate, wasn’t an attack, the product just makes me feel a bit queasy that’s all x



Then attack the product!!

Why does everyone have the urge to finish off the banter with a snide comment about the people buying the product!?

This is so fucking tiresome!


Have mixers lost focus as a device? (LMAO META LOL)

it’s a bad product

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There you go!

Doesn’t need much more then that!


The main appeal of this is for me is:

Form factor (Portability / Space Saving),
Audio interface and early indications are that it sounds good.
Apple Style design (less important but it looks great to me which is always a bonus)

I plan to try it out with my iPad Pro / MacBook and other small instruments that I can take on the move (nowadays I spend 3-6 months away from my home, Elektrons, guitars and rack gear!)