Teenage Engineering Pocket operator modular system


If those prices are accurate then I could definitely see the appeal of a cute TE 2U rack.


I like the Lego integration, with little kid(s) growing they are going to need Lego for educational play and I will play with them, so …


I had no idea that was still open, I thought it was just a one day event thing for the OP-Z launch. I don’t really want this modular stuff since it seems a bit boring module wise, but I’ll be down there like a rocket going down there if there’s any other new stuff.


Great video, rocking the Tropicana Inn as their NAMM booth instead of the back of a van, this year.


I dream of a TE 2U based rack system. :rainbow:

There’s a lot of things that can be done musically with ‘boring’ modules. Not every module in a modular system needs to be a dessert topping. We got to remember to eat our veggies too. :broccoli:


Hmm looks like TRS patch cables, strange.


Guys, can someone tell me what is the appeal of fiddling around with this small pots? This would be torturing for me. Why would anyone enjoy that? Is the money the only factor? If not, why not just go full eurorack or something.


I think it is a valid point you make, however Eurorack itself isn’t exactly a great interface either, many modules have small pots, and even if they don’t once you have plenty of patch cables plugged in it isn’t optimal.

I guess people might put their own knobs on the shafts to improve the tactile feel, however sometimes I find that narrower knobs can be easier in a dense patch. So there’s that.


Because far too often 3U designs are crammed with too much in one module. Not all of them, of course. But enough to appreciate the simpler, more atomic designs of TE in 2U. The spacing ends up being more generous.


the knobs are technics lego compatible. Buy some lego bits and customize to your hearts content :wink:


I want to patch with the assistance of Lego. Have one knob also turn three other knobs. Set up my own Lego performance macros.


I was thinking someone eventually creates a monster with some PO modules and minstorm legos hehe… So it’s gonna be you?! Nice


I’m my own mindstorm. :crazy_face:

But one of the first things I noticed was the spacing on the TE modules and how nice it was to see a modular system that was meant to be played.


That newer mindstorms brain is Bluetooth compatible and I have seen quite a bit of third party stuff that allows it to be controlled from Bluetooth enabled boards like raspi/microbit/arduino etc, so in theory a midi-Bluetooth cc bridge could be something to tinker with, cc midi LFO to lego motor lets the robots do the bidding :rofl:


So you say that eurorack isn’t much generous either with space? Thinking about trying out some modular . Thanks for opinions and thanks for not attacking me !!


the TE stuff is much cheaper than equivalent setups in eurorack too, maybe unless you were very cunning when picking and buying said euro.


Behringer Neutron is almost half of the price of System 400, is better built and does lots more. System 400 is essentially a basic one vco subtractive semimodular synth for $499.


I take it all back gais :slight_smile:


I cant help it…all i see is Lego Technic


It is 3 VCO fully modular