Teenage Engineering Pocket operator modular system


It’s made for these:


People who think they in Manchester around 1990 ?


Something to close that big hole on the top of the enclosure? :umbrella:


Teh rawness makes it très pocket operator


Haha can’t get more raw than that and stay in one piece




lfo: hold my beer

no sync, no reset, no deal :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wandered past the TE pop up shop in London today.
If you look closely you can see the 400 system proudly on display in the window.


Daddy I poured chocolate milk in your Yellow dance machine and now it’s making fireworks!


Do u even PLUR???


The internet hates you for not going in :rofl:


Oh I went in.
Must’ve been a display model only though.
Couldn’t seem to get any sound out of it no matter how many patch cables I rammed in :thinking:




Where is that? I’d have to visit if it open on the weekend!


indeed !


Coals drop yard. Some fancy new shopping area just behind King’s Cross next to Regent’s canal.
The TE shop shares a space with an extortionate lighting shop, and the TE section was closed off today with a whole load of boxes in it.
So either the pop-up is ending, or they are getting ready to display all the new stuff…

Last time I went in all they had on display was pocket operators, the wireless speaker cube thing, and I think some of their lighting stuff.

If you do go though, Honest Jon’s has opened a record shop there, and you can get a decent coffee at Redemption Roasters (who incidentally have their roastery in Aylesbury young offenders prison https://www.redemptionroasters.com) so not a wasted visit, even if the TE shop doesn’t deliver.




only spotted these today but holy moly, yay fun, wow!


Nick Batt reports:


I heart Tobias. :slightly_smiling_face: