Teenage Engineering Pocket operator modular system


More modular gear!!


NAMM 2019 predictions / releases
Teenage Engineering OP-Z
Eurorack, wish me luck

Smell ya later Volca Modular GAS!


Oh no! These look fun, these look like GAS :crazy_face:


Could be more interesting than the volca


So that’s what our OP-Z is going to sequence :blush:


Game ova Korg.


Oh boy


Is Elektron Modular next? :3lektron::diddly::cool:


More on the TE website: https://teenageengineering.com


Definitely year of the modular!


Poor man’s Euro coming in at $499 :joy:


Hazzel free.




Are the enclosures Cardboard?


I thought this, it looks fun but I certainly wouldn’t wanna take it anywhere with that origami case


No, looked at site and I think moulded plastic?


Looks like the enclosures are sheet-metal; the assembly instructions warn to “think twice, bend once” since multiple bends will weaken the metal.


Enclosure is sheet metal.


Looks like Eurorack integration is possible although it is implied that you will need to fab your own faceplates.

Also no reverse polarity protection, no PSU supplied. Still looks great I think.


Agreed that “poor man’s Euro” might be little hard to swallow at $500, but the 400 has 16 modules, which compares quite favorably with other all-in-one semi-modular options like the 0 Coast, Mother32, or Pittsburgh SV-1.