Teenage Engineering Pocket operator modular system


I was going to say IKEA crossed with legos/erector set


Have you ever tried a Korg MS-20 mini? The only reason I ask is that it has a good balance between patchability and being easy to tweak, is pretty well priced compared to a modular and sounds fantastic, and is very versatile.
The disadvantage for some is that it isn’t directly compatible with eurorack in all aspects (but is in some) and it isn’t fully modular, meaning that some connections are hard-wired and not every aspect of it is brought out to patch points, for example the VCO outputs etc.


Those 3 VCO’s each only have one waveform and since there is no mult, you can’t really play them at once with just the synth very easily. So they are very limited and have combined functionality that is usually included in one VCO module.

It’s not really fully modular either - sure, you need to build it from separate blocks/modules but you need to use the fixed set of modules unless you make your own front panels.


No i didn’t, but i like the sound, and was thinking about it , like for 10 last years , but never pooled the trigger. I also kind of suspicious about mini reissue.
I have malekko manther now, and it has separate outputs for osc waveforms and it gives me a lot of creative opportunities, and now i am thinking of modular again, i wonder, how crazy that would be to explore ? As much i like ms 20, if i go open in to the wild, than i will do it full throttle !


Not all Eurorack. It really depends on the maker. But in general, 3U is less spacious than 4U or 5U designs.

This is what makes TE’s 2U designs interesting. They are simple. Some might claim ‘boring’. On the other hand, they’re spaced well for their size.


The TE modular is Bauhaus through and through.


Post Bahaus. :slightly_smiling_face:

Dieter Rams is much more direct design reference.




lol! <3


Sorry, i watched too much TWD. Michonne can do both things with her Katana…


they has FM tho


Here is some pics via BBoy Tech’s instagram of the sequencer module in plein air.

Seems very skeletal (view of top - dust catcher).



I’m not really into modular myself and was skeptical at first, but it’s really growing on me. If I had kids I would totally buy them one of these. The perfect “toy” (and I don’t mean that in the deragatory sense, but in the sense that I think it could bring a lot of joy and spark an interest in music that could last a lifetime). It would also look kind of great as decoration in an apartment.


Yeah, well it includes sequencer module which is something extra. But other than that, it’s essentially pretty basic one VCO semimodular synth.


A thought it has 3 osc? No?


Yep clearly 3 osc.

Shame they didn’t make the mixer 4 channels, or add a volume knob on the noise module.


Well it is what it is, there is a lot you can like and dislike about it, but it has 3 oscillators



You’re saying you want 3x complete paths (osc, env, vca, filter…), alongside these other modules + case + power, in a £500 modular rig? Pretty optimistic…

The sequencer has mult outs and there are 3 mixer channels… I’m not really in to the 400, but it’s not down to amount of oscs.

And you can get those little ninja star eternal mults. I’ve only ever used them for audio or gates though. Not always reliable for multing accurate pitch cv.

Edit - I get what you mean. You want to play it from a keyboard right? Does the te one have mult outs?