Teenage Engineering Pocket operator modular system


For me the keyboard seems the greatest of interest. Low cost for something that appears to be Pressure Points +


It’s a 2U Serge TKB style keyboard/sequencer for $150. That’s nuts!

It would be cool if makers like randomsource gave 2U some consideration. I’d love a 2U version of an universal slope generator and a smooth/stepped generator.

I love that it’s sheet metal where it matters and yes, there are plastic parts, but they’re tuff LEGO style plastic. Just hand tighten and nothing ever needs to suffer from rack rash.


yes, I know, so lets see with what cases for the 2u modules they will come up … and ready made faceplates would be also nice … and - last but not least — adapters for the eurorack bus. :hugs:


They keyboard is the one thing that really interests me. Lots of functionality for not much more than the price of an sq-1 (which also isn’t bad).


Ah looked like it just folded over


Actually after looking in the manual there is pwm on the square and FM input on saw and sine.


man, I will so hack to use bananas


Yup. Analog FM and PWM are go. I would love to have more CV control and variable waveforms, but I’m also trying to keep in mind how tiny these modules are.

Looking forward to what Teenage Engineering comes up with next. A dedicated chassis for a battery powered pocket operator modular ‘tencho’ system? That would be sick, as the youth say.


Oh for god sake…

It’s things like this and the korg modular make me feel modular is now a trend not just a method of synthesis.


This is how I used to feel about Eurorack over a decade ago until I eventually realized that there’s good stuff in all of the modular formats. It’s just that the people with the least knowledge tend to be the ones who are most vocal about what they imagine modular is meant to be.


Not sure I fully comprehend your post but I am under no illusion as to what the capabilities of modular synthesis are.

My reference is in relation to the sudden “marketing call to action” many companies seem to be adopting by adopting modular (in some cases halfheartedly) to merely seem like they are following current trends, not what people actually want/need


It was more a comment on my past perspectives and how I recognize the same tendency in people today.

From the thoughtfulness that Teenage Engineering have put into their CV related offerings (CV-to-MIDI converters were rare when the original Oplab came out), it would appear that they’ve gone into this pocket rack venture anything but half-heartedly. They’re creating their own lane rather than doing what others are doing. No matter which modular format you prefer, TE’s designs are worthy of study.


I’m not sure that people saying that this doesn’t tick the right boxes for them for what they want out of modular is any reason to question their validation?

In any case, good to see fm and pwm on the oscs. Didn’t spot that before.

Overall im just not the target market on this one. It’s good value and beautiful design but functionality wise its just a bit on the ‘standard issue’ side for my current leanings. Also struggling to envisage how small/fiddly it’s going to feel in use. Couldn’t find measurements and no proper videos out there yet. 2u per module and all those little knobs might get pretty hairy in busy patches? Possibly part of its charm though and sure it’ll sell well.

As the 400 is basically a closed system I’d have liked to see TE take advantage of that and take some cues from things like Field Kit Fx with some internal cv bussing options and other trickery etc. Will keep an eye on where TE take it in future.

Listened to the sound recordings on the te website again earlier and seemed to hear some hum/hiss? But could have just been part of the patch, only listening on phone speakers.


Kind of silly that the preorder for 400 is already ”sold out”. Does that mean they are not going to make more? Why else wouldn’t they accept more orders for the waiting list?

170 otoh seems very expensive for what you get.


Hype manoeuvre :wink:


‘Sold out’ means something different than ‘discontinued’. Teenage Engineering does not operate like the Supreme brand. When the next batch becomes available, they’ll be for sale again.


Measurements and other details are available in the manual .pdf, which can be downloaded from the Teenage Engineering homepage.


Thanks. Missed those before. 400 reads as ‘305’ up. That’s millimetres right? Be interesting to see how it looks in use when fully patched.


Yes, it’s metric, in mm. the CH-400 is approx. the size of an A4 sheet of paper, or slightly narrower and shorter than a sheet of US legal sized paper. In other words, fairly narrow and vertical and overall smaller than the impression given by the photos we’ve seen so far.


I remember from having a Computer desk once Out of folded Metal, that it was making clangy noise while using it. Didnt Like that. Not Sure If this also might ne the Case Here…each time you clang Patch clang Something clang cling…