Teenage Engineering Pocket operator modular system


I am worried about how flimsy this will be. Will it get easily bent out of shape and eventually snap.


Oh please no.


Pretty small!

At that size maybe something like plankton ants might be another unit to weigh up? No sequencer and less complex envelopes but has built in midi>CV + more oscs, more lfos, logic …same price. Semi-modular but that’s mostly potatoe/potahtoe for me…

If i was looking for something like this I’d probably grab the TE (battery and speaker is a nice touch on something so small) but it’s interesting to myself that I was initially blown away by the price. It’s competitive for sure but not ‘insanely’ cheap in comparison to alternatives. Marketing’s a funny thing…


I’m not really clear on what the problem is with the TE stuff - it isn’t aimed at being the last word in eurorack sophistication “pocket operator modular” is the clue here, small battery powered, good price point, take anywhere, these seem to be the main marketing terms being used.

So with that in mind the limitations of the modules, compact size, and overall design and construction seem quite well aligned to what would be expected, given that the pocket operator brand is itself based around these concepts.

That said of course I would be the last to complain if they introduced some digital stuff from their back catalog in this modular form, but who is to say they won’t eventually? In fact by branding it pocket operator leads me to believe that they most likely will do something.

They know what they are doing, the OP-1, PO range and OP-Z often sell out because they can’t keep up with the demand, so they must be doing something right. The 400 set seems to have sold out now too, but it will become available to buy again once they are ready, you can bet on it.


I think this pic gives quite a good idea of the size/scale:


kind of looks like a modern take on arp2600


that looks killer


I’m interested in the open rack mentioned in the manual/press that someone posted here. An open rack that I can just buy the modules I want and hopefully some kind of midi 2 cv is one of those modules. DT + rack of mini TE modules would be killer. Hope they make some really cool ones too, like fx module (spring, cow & filter drive from OP1 would be must haves for me). Also a po32 drum module and maybe some of the synth engines from OP1? Or even the sampler… so many cool possibilities


I get the discussion back and forth on the pro’s and con’s of this and I’m probably on the fence right now but the one thing that I think’s a bit missing just now are audio demos. Is there anything other than the 3 short snippets at their site?

That said, the keyboard is looking very interesting even if you don’t want to dive into this ecosystem.


Seems the keyboard can’t be powered with a PSU, it’s batteries-only. To me, that limits its usefulness. Something like Arturia Keystep is cheaper and does more.

The already “sold out” system 400 seems it could be fun - though it would be nice to see and hear some demos. The filter module looks a bit weird to me - there are two inputs labeled “level” but it’s not clear what level they change. Midi input would have been nice too.

Also, is there really no headphone output in the synth at all? That seems like a weird omission.


I am loving this modular system from TE! And I think the price point is fine for what you’re getting. Cool thing is that, since they look so damn cool, I can just use them as interactive art decorations around the house.


Yeah, I get that but I tend to use rechargeable batteries a lot. Even for stuff where I have power adapters because it cuts down on cable clutter. I think there is some crossover with the keystep but also some unique aspects too… presumably this will be covered in the expected deluge of NAMM videos.


I wonder what other sorts of add-ons they’ll sell besides this cable organizer:


No idea whether I’m going to want this or not, but I do think the design is 100% bad ass. Probably my favorite looking synth in quite awhile, which makes me really want to love it.


I still have one of these Pomona test lead holders.

If the sheet metal used for the Pocket Operator Modular System is built anything like the one made by Pomoma, the pre-configured chassis series will feel solid in a very satisfactory way.


I like the idea of using both the 400’s sequencer, and the 16’s sequencer for paraphonic use or just getting weird sequencing modulation.

Best looking $548 modular setup I’ve seen.


Looks so good, ordered them all but probably just keep the 400 and 16. Such an inspiring looking instrument.


And it is only a start.

Like the PO 1X series, Rhythm, Factory, Sub.


Look at how far they’ve managed to go from there.


Yup. They’ve come a long way in a short time. Despite how beautiful it is, I’m probably going to wait for their take on a rack system for ‘advanced’ use rather than go for a pre-configured chassis system.


I can understand why they’d use the ‘pocket’ branding but seriously ,there’s nothing in common between the modular and operators except they use batteries and made by t.e

Unless they release an lcd screen with barely understandable dancing icons and a digital fx module with 15 types and glitch.

Why not pocket operator - Z , call this op-modular
Their branding is messed up. Unless someone has massive pockets

I’m not sure this is going to be a hit , I’d rather go eurorack … much more flexible and easier to resell too.