Teenage Engineering OP-Z

No problems whatsoever for me. And remember, happy, trouble-free users don’t post about it on internet forums. Only people having problems complain. That skews the news somewhat.

+1 for buying from Thomann. They give a 3-year warranty on everything.

I’m totally ordering it again! I figured what was going on with mine was not a common issue, and I just got a dud. I’m just bummed cause now I have to wait another few days for it to re-arrive. :grin:

Does the new firmware update put the OP-Z into Octatrack territory in anyone’s opinion?

No, not even close. Only the sequencer can hold up.


Nah, more like a Digitakt. The extremely limited sample space is a hindrance. As a result, I don’t think I’ll ever really use it for sampling (I prefer preparing samples on the computer using OP-1 drum utility etc), but the sample editing features seem pretty great.

I can kinda understand why they would limit the storage space, in terms of making a lean device that is quick and fun to use, rather than spending half an hour digging for samples every time you use it, but it also means that anything I make using samples will break when I replace them with a new set.

Coupled with the somewhat extreme double-triggering of buttons on my device (seriously, how hard is it to implement a debounce filter in the firmware? Make it so a button can’t trigger again for 100ms or so after it’s been released… is there something I’m missing?), I’m a bit conflicted as to whether or not I should keep it or just move it on. I’m keeping it for the moment due to the incredible sequencer and the extreme portability, but once the new nanoloop device starts shipping, I could be convinced to sell it…


Yes it does - to the extent that you can quickly sample a phone source like youtube [say a drum passage, random audio or Rhodes phrase (not necessarily hitting logical start and end points)] and then start messing with trigs, filter, fx etc to replay slices and develop an interesting new loop.

This is pretty cool on a tiny pocket device that itself is ironically somewhat a mere slice of the octatrack’s dimensions and weight.
Certainly not a ‘whole OT’ but it’s in the same territory when it comes to the outcome.

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Yes and no. It’s pretty cool to chop up and mangle sounds with drum sampler. And the sequencer is way better than the Octatrack’s.

The pitch up/down is also much better than the Octatrack.
It’s definitely nowhere near being a replacement for the Octatrack, but there’s a lot of crossover now.

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Does anyone happen to have a B&H OP-Z discount code they aren’t using? I usually get emails from them but for some reason I didn’t get this one. :frowning:


Absolutely lovely work right there. Perfect for my morning coffee as the early sun rises over the river.

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Thank you very very much. Really appreciate you took your time to listen AND to give your Feedback!
You must have a really beautiful morning panorama btw. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s not bad. Your work made it even better😊

How does the op-z work as a midi controller?
Getting dejvu, maybe i asked before, but i still wonder.

Can you sync it to ableton and use the opzs sequencer to write midi notes in ableton? With trig conditions etc?

Yes you can. Each of the 16 Tracks can send and receive midi.

You can send „step components“ (that‘s what Elektron calls „trig conditions“) on Tracks 1 to 8.

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Dude, you killed it again. Amazing vibes in this one. So atmospheric and beautiful.

just OP-Z ?

Yep - produced entirely on my OP-Z.
Recorded directly into the iPhone.
Visuals are filmed with the iPhone too.

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Thanks man, means really a lot to me to hear that there‘re at least a few people out there who feel the vibe that i feel :raised_hands: :grinning:

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Where did you manage to buy a oplab? I’ve been on the mail list for months now