Teenage Engineering OP-Z

I have an update unrelated question:
Sometimes it happens in patterns, that on some track I get something like latching notes… They keep sounding and the LED of the pressed note keeps lit-up until I press it again…
Bug or some feature I’m not aware of and accidently activated ?

There is drone mode for tracks, maybe you accidentally activated it?


guess so. Will try.

Looks like my trig problems have somewhat stabilized with this update… Let’s see if it stays that way or if I’m hallucinating.

I haven’t had a chance to update and was hoping someone could clarify something for me. I read people saying there are new LFO destinations, but all I can find in the manual is that there are new shapes added and an LFO added to FX tracks. Is the FX LFO what they are referring to or is there something I’m missing?

yes it was drone mode :ok_hand:


Attack and Vibrato are new.

Envelope and Pitch. :+1:


I was curious about build quality and never hit the button to purchase. Thanks for pointing out those elements as they’re very similar to feedback on other forums I’ve read. What’s funny is that a lot of the reviewers say things like “what great buttons”, “feels high quality”, etc. while the skeptic in me just wasn’t believing the hype. Although I do love Andrew Huang’s stank face on the unit not having a line out port.
The no drag and drop feature for sample files puts me off, but they do have that OP-1 drum utility app - just have to be ultra choosy for what you want to use which can be a very good thing. I still think the price point is too too high for what it is. BUT the portability aspect still has me considering getting it vs. a Digitakt. Definitely ping ponging between the two. Coming down to portability and usability.

Well this thing doesn’t make a lot of sense for many people and it’s also maybe true that some units are quite faulty (mine isn’t thank god).

BUT if the stars align and you are able to like this thing… it’s awesome. Super portable and immediate fun and I have never been so productive. I also like the fact that the OP-Z is kind of constantly changing because of the modules and the fact that you can connect it to your phone or iPad.

It has a very steep learning curve but a rewarding one and it’s a much deeper device than it appears.


it is a phenomenal little box in my view, offering functionality up there with some of the finest much much larger grooveboxes - but your starting premise needs to be it is smaller than a slim family sized chocolate bar and can fit inside a suit breast pocket without rumpling your lines.
Thus, as describing a Swiss Army Knife as a fail because it can’t cut through a wall or dig a well - it misses the point. This is a finger controlled micro device not an industrial DJ tabletop.


Picked the Z up again today after a few months no use. Updated, sampled again, used the drum utility for the first time.

Fun enough for me, no quality issues at all here. I Use a keystep for input, might get the new novation as a dedicated controller for the Z.

I‘ve made over 20 songs in the last couple of weeks on this thing.
Maybe not my best. Perhaps not the best sounding.
But making them was a breeze


I agree wholeheartedly, the Swiss army knife analogy is particularly apt in this particular case.

For me the only things that let it down are lack of screen, small size and limited sample space, but even these don’t prevent me from enjoying it, the portability is very handy and that for me is the main draw, I can pick it up wherever whenever and sketch out ideas.


Yeah, I love mine, but if if was sized and built like a Digitakt it would be incredible.

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built yes. Size, no :upside_down_face:
I can l lie on my back on the couch an make an overhead track

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I don’t mind that tiny size of the OP-Z too much, but I would argue that it would be a better instrument if it was OP-1 sized (same goes for storage). Still, I really enjoy the OP-Z and even more so with all the updates it received. That thing has been out for only about a year and has seen some really nice additions: sampling, audio interface capabilities, etc.
The new update is also great, putting an LFO on delay feedback gets things really pumping and moving, especially for arps.



The OP-Z is also amazing with the OP-1. You can sequence the OP-1, you can sample it if you like, and you can record the results to tape.

In recent updates I’ve found the sync to be 100% solid. Even with midi clock send and receive switched off on the OP-Z, it just works. Start and stop work on both.

You can also hold down a trig key on the OP-Z, and play a chord on the OP-1, and it set the trig.

The only problem is that I sometimes get confused as to where the sound is coming from :slight_smile:


Would you mind sharing how you’re connecting the OP-Z and OP-1?

I’ve tried connecting via a USB. They’re syncing but OP-Z battery expends super fast. I’m considering the Kingston Nucleum, but looks like I need a power source for the Nucleum. It’s be cool to get a portable power brick.

USB-C to mini-USB cable. I switch off USB charging on the OP-1 so it doesn’t drain the battery of the OP-Z.

You can do it with a hub, but it’s very picky. Let me try it and see if it works. I think you can power both the OP-1 and the OP-Z off the Nucleum.

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Update. Yes. nucleum hub works fine, and charges both devices. You can hook it up to a powerpack too, if you like.